Monday, September 2, 2013

Hug your loved ones.

Generally I don't write these Debbie downer depressing posts, but here it is. 

Last night my dad called to tell me that my brother's former girlfriend, my niece's mother, lost her dad to a heart attack yesterday.  

This comes a week after learning that one of the sweetest ladies I know from church found out that her chemo didn't work, and that her leukemia had returned for the third or fourth time and that at this point nothing is working.  She's now home with hospice care. 

These last few weeks of pregnancy have left me short tempered with Rob.  I don't have patience with him and I hate who I've become.  I never wanted to be 'that' wife.   And if something were to happen to him, I would not want to know that my last interactions with him were me being mad and angry.  

So from this moment I'm going to make an effort to be nicer, not just to Rob but to everyone.

I'm going to call my family more and stop over and visit my parents more.  

I am lucky enough to live so close to my family and I want baby girl to have the chance to know them as well and know how much she is loved by them. 

I know life isn't easy, but I don't want to feel as if I have regrets for things I did/didn't do. 

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  1. I think the last few weeks of pregnancy weigh on all of us...I know losing my husbands grandmother 2 weeks after the birth of our 2nd daughter was very rough considering her last night of really being aware was the night Savannah was born.

    I agree, I never want my last interactions with my husbands to be one of anger or rudeness so I will take this vow with you!!