Tuesday, February 26, 2013

9 weeks

How far along:  9 weeks

Baby Size:  A marble or a green olive

Weight:  123.3

The bloat has begun; sharp cramps which I'm pretty sure are gas pains. 

Maternity Clothes:  No, but I am running out of jeans that fit. Luckily I can wear sweatpants to work. My maternity clothes I ordered came in. 2/3 dresses I don't like. I haven't tried the cami's.

Sleep:  It's been better.  I haven't really napped in a while.  I'm trying to get better about going to bed earlier.  It's tough because by the time Rob and I get home and make and eat dinner it's usually 6:30 and he wants to watch tv or hang out and I just want to go to bed.

Cravings/Food Aversions:  Food usually sounds disgusting.  I'm trying to make myself eat more because I feel worse on an empty stomach, but it's tough when the thought of eating makes me gag.  Popsicle's help.

Belly Button: In

Gender:  Still no vibes either way.  If it's a boy he will have a boy cousin about 5 months older (Due late April).  If it's a girl she will have a girl cousin about a year older (born October 9).

Name:  Not sure

Milestones:  It was great to hear that baby measured exactly where it should be at last weeks appointment. The heartbeat seemed faster than last time although I wasn't sure what it was at exactly

Looking forward to:  Telling people.  Rob has wanted to tell everyone for a long time, but I haven't been ready to.  I said after my appointment last week, but now I keep saying after my 12 week appointment.  My sister had a baby shower last weekend, and has a few more coming up and I don't want to take anything away from her.

What I miss:  I miss being able to eat whatever I want. I miss having sex (and I know Rob does) like we used to.  It used to be 4-5 times a week.  Now we are lucky to have it twice.  I feel worse in the evenings/night so it's tough.

Appointments:   March 19.  My 12 week appointment

Misc.  I refilled my progesterone last week.  It cost me $10 for 60 pills.  Last time I filled it, the exact same thing, it cost me $210.  Crazy.

My sister had her first baby shower this weekend.  I felt like I had a huge I'm pregnant sign on my forehead. I'm sure her friend knew (I talked about her in this post).  I didn't ask my sister if she told her, but considering my sister told me that she was pregnant, I'm sure it was vice versa.  I love my sister but sometimes she's not a good secret keeper.  Sorry Ali!  Her mother in law and sister in law were there, and I know they know, but they didn't say anything.

This is my in my pajama's, not feeling well, going to bed, I forgot to take a picture face.
Still lots of bloat (although it looks worse here, than it really is)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A growing baby, check

I had a second ultrasound today.  Pretty sure my doctor didn't remember I was in two weeks ago, because he said something about checking for twins.  Um, yeah there weren't twins two weeks ago, and probably aren't twins today.  And there weren't.

But baby was measuring exactly where it should be based on ovulation.  Which is why I think charting is amazing, and would always recommend it.  I was able to see the brain and the spinal cord.

Today was kind of a crazy appointment day,  I had an appointment with my primary doctor because I needed a physical for insurance.  I had the lab work done for that last week.  I told them when I scheduled it that I didn't need a pap smear because I had one done it December at my Ob/gyn office.  I walked into the room and the stuff was there for it.  I just explained the situation and why I didn't need one.  My lab work was all good.  Good blood sugar, cholesterol etc.. Actually my doctor was surprised cholesterol wasn't higher, because he said it can go up in pregnancy.   I was supposed to have a nicotine check as well, but didn't have time to do it at the lab in the building because I had to get to my ob/gyn.

So I made it on time to the ob appointment.  Did the pee on a stick to check protein thing, and then waited naked (well a thin sheet and a gaping half robe) in a room for 20 minutes.  Then I needed blood work & a urine test thing done and decided to get it done and out of the way by going to the lab in the same building. While the tech was getting thing ready I mentioned that I was going to be peeing in/on so many things today.  She said oh well we can probably do the nicotine test right here.  I went "really? it's through another health care network though."  She asked if I had the lab form and I ran out to my car to get and brought it in.  She looked at it, checked and said yeah I can do that.  Thank you, Thank you.  Saved me another trip and another bottle of water to get and drink.
6 weeks 2 days vs 8 weeks 2 days.  

So finally hours later, I stopped at Target.  I checked out Valentine's clearance and scored.  I got all the stuff in the picture, plus a 20 oz pop for $10.84.  The dress was .80, and the skirts (I bought 3 identical in different sizes) were .70 each.  If we don't have a girl I'll sell them or give them to someone who does have a girl.  The frame was marked at .59, but it has a lot of scratches so I asked if they would mark it down a little more.  They took of 15%, which equals .9, but I would have bought it regardless and intend to spray paint it.  The candy hearts were .10.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

8 weeks today!

How far along:  8 weeks

Baby Size: A raspberry or a quarter

Weight:  122.6 (down .2lbs)


  • The nausea has started.  It's constantly there, but at times it's not as bad.  Sometimes I can get up and do things, and other times all I want to do is lay down in bed.  Jolly ranchers have been helping me.
  • And my boobs are hurting a lot
Maternity Clothes:  No, but shadeclothing.com had a sale and I bought 3 cami's and 3 dresses for $60 the other day.

Sleep:  It's been better.  Sunday night was pretty rough (I have a cold and was up most of the night coughing).  Last night I was up a lot, but was able to fall back asleep (although freezy pops helped and I ate several in the middle of the night).

Cravings/Food Aversions:  No real cravings, but when I wake up usually I'm hungry and nothing sounds good to eat.  I don't usually eat until later in the day and then  I want to eat everything.

Belly Button: In

Gender:  No guesses.  I'm still trying to convince Rob to be team green, but I think I'll probably give in and we will find out.

Name:  I 'think' we have names, but I'm not to worried yet.

Milestones:  Every day I'm still pregnant is a milestone for me. 

Looking forward to:  Hearing the heartbeat again.

What I miss:  I miss the feeling that I accomplished stuff on my day off.  All I do is sit around the house.  I miss sleeping with Rob.  He is always sleeping in the spare bedroom because I keep him up.

Appointments:  Thursday @10.  It's my first ob appointment. It will probably be the whole pee in a cup, take my blood, pap smear (Although I had one in December so I don't really need another do I?). I think I will have an ultrasound also.

Misc.  I developed a cold over the weekend.  I am thankful that I had yesterday and today off.  Yesterday was awful, today has started out a little better.  I have taken Robitussin which was on the 'safe' list, but I still get nervous taking it.  I've been using vapor rub and cough drops, and trying to drink lots of water. 

Keeping the pregnancy a secret really hasn't been that difficult.  Rob has had a hard time though.  My sisters in-laws all know, partly because Rob works with/for them.   

I did kind of want to tell my sister-in-law.  I saw her Saturday and she knows about the losses.  She was asking me about the progesterone and how it was going. I did tell her I was switched to an oral form.  She goes to the same office (different doctor), and we were talking ultrasounds and I said I would probably get an early one. She said she got one at 9 weeks and asked if I meant before that.  I said 'yeah, probably,' knowing that I've already had one, hehe.   I don't think she thinks anything though. I want it to be a surprise when we do share the news. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Double Whammy

So the all day sickness started last week.  I feel okay at times and other times all I can do is lay down in bed.

Then yesterday the coughing started.  Last night I probably slept 3 or 4 hours.  From 11:30-8:30.  I tried vapor rub on my chest and my feet.  I tried cough drops, and a nose strip (which didn't stay on my nose).  I ate freezy pops at 2 in the morning.  Elevating my head just made me have a sore neck.

I am so thankful I have the day off today, because it will be spent in bed.  I had plans to do laundry and dishes, and vacuum and etc..., but I'm not sure that will be happening.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

7 weeks

How far along:  7 weeks

Baby Size: A blueberry.

Weight:  122.6


  • The nausea is starting to kick in.   It's worse in the evenings and it get's bad in the middle of the night.
  • My boobs haven't grown, but they are sore. 
  • That whole pregnancy brain thing I thought was fake, has been happening.  Yesterday I washed my hair twice because I couldn't remember if I did it, and I had to turn around an go home to see if I shut the garage door (luckily I had only gone a few minutes down the road)
  • I've been really sensitive.  Rob tired to play a trick on me by putting a rubber band around the sprayer on the sink.  I cried.  
  • Still having lots of cramping

Maternity Clothes:  I bought a pair of maternity jeans this weekend, but don't need them yet.  I'm still in my regular clothes.

Sleep:  Some nights I am up a ridiculous amount of times to pee, and some nights only once or twice.  I've always been a right side sleeper, but that is not good to do during pregnancy (I think it puts pressure on the kidneys or something?), so I'm trying to convert to my left side and it's been a little tough at nights.

Cravings/Food Aversions:  Nothing yet.

Belly Button: In, and according to Rob I have a really deep belly button so it might take awhile to pop out if it does

Gender:  I don't have any guesses yet.  My sister and brother in law think its a girl.

Name:  Not sure.

Milestones:  Getting to hear the heartbeat last week and see our itty bitty baby (who was the size of a grain of rice). 

Looking forward to:  Hearing the heartbeat again.

What I miss:  Not feeling the need to be checking the toilet paper every time I go to the bathroom.

Appointments:  Thursday @1. It's just with the nurse practitioner.

My due date by my last period would be 9/28 and by ovulation would be 10/1.  I've been going by the 10/1 since I think that is more accurate. At my appointment last week I was measuring a day ahead, but I'm still going to keep the 10/1 as my due date for now. 

Rob has apparently been telling random people I'm pregnant.  I'm happy he is excited, but I've only told my sister (and I'm pretty sure she already knew).  I'm scared to tell people because once it's out there I can't take it back. 

I bought this book this weekend.  I'm excited to fill it out.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baby has a heartbeat!!! (Happy Dance)

I am so so so relived.  I'm actually measuring a day ahead, but I'm just keeping my original date of October 1st.
Heartbeat was 118bpm.  We even got to hear it.  It was awesome.  I was so happy Rob was able to go. 

Measuring 6wk 3 days.  Baby is that little white blob in the circle.

Trying to be calm

My first ultrasound is today.
The few symptoms I've had I could blame on progesterone.
I'm so nervous that the doctor is going to say sorry, there is no baby there.
Luckily Rob is probably going to be able to be there with me.  I didn't think he would be able to be there, but I am glad that he probably will.  If the ultrasound goes bad, I don't want to have to tell him later, and if it goes good I don't want to tell him that I heard the heartbeat if he doesn't get to.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

6 weeks today

I'm still nervous, but I'm operating on the whole pregnant until proven otherwise.

How far along:  6 weeks

Baby Size:  A pea.

Weight:  122

I still have cramping.  I know it's normal and that things are just stretching and expanding so I'm trying not to freak out.

      My insomnia got better over the weekend.  I was still up a lot at night, but was able to fall back asleep.  And then last night it was back. 
      I have had mild nausea.  It hasn't been to bad though.  My sea-bands really help.
     My boobs are sensitive, but not painful.

Maternity Clothes:  Nope

Sleep:  I am up a lot at night

Cravings/Food Aversions:  Not really having any cravings.  Most things don't sound good to eat.

Belly Button: In

Gender:  Don't know yet. I don't want to find out.  Rob does.  I'm not sure what we will do.

Name:  Not sure.

Milestones:  Making it farther this pregnancy than in my others.

Looking forward to:  Not cramping anymore

What I miss:  Wondering if I'm going to see blood every time I go to the bathroom.

Appointments:  Thursday @2:45

I'm awesome at taking my pills now.  The only thing is occasionally I feel drunk when I take them.  Rob even asked me yesterday if I could take them after getting to work so that I wouldn't have to drive in case. 

6 weeks. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Friday Five

1) I made Million dollar spaghetti this week.  I found it on pinterest and it was a hit. It's layered like lasagna but we liked it better. (Recipe)
2) The weather has been ridiculous lately.  At the start of last week it was -15 windchill and the start of this week brought thunderstorms and 50* temperatures.  Last night we had almost half a foot of snow.  Crazy.
3) The 3 year old I watch can be a stinker but she says some of the cutest things.  This week she wanted to nap with a Elmo and Cookie Monster toy.  After her nap I asked if they slept well too and she said no they don't sleep because their eyes don't close and they just snuggled.  She had the logic down and I was impressed.
4) I bought an ergo carrier this week.  I've been wanting one for a long time and they were on gilt for $65 and they are normally $135 so I bought it.  I had it in my baby budget and it wound up being $71 after shipping.  I'm excited about it.  I hesitated just because I haven't even been to the doctor, but I know it's something that could be used at work, and I think they have a pretty good resale value on them.
5) I helped out at church on Wednesday.  I usually do it, but took this year off.  It is so chaotic, and I feel like all I do is crowd control.  The girl I was helping with is a high school and is the helper and that group.  All she did was talk to her boyfriend.  I don't know these kids or the routine.  I could use a little help here.  And then during gym time a little girl got hurt.  She passed out and things got crazy.  Turns out she had a reaction to severe pain, but kids were getting scared and I'm trying to take control of 25+ kindergarten to 2nd graders by myself since the other leaders in that age group where helping the little girl. So it's just me and this high school and she is just sitting there.  And then she just left before all the kids were picked up/gone.  Ugh!
6) I made it 3 weeks worth of tracking money and kind of quit.  I know that I spend more than I need to on groceries and rarely spend money on myself.