Wednesday, December 28, 2016

48 weeks ~Mallory~

I was telling a friend she hadn't fgured out how to clap and was showing Mallory and then she started clappping and has been doing it since.  It's legit like the cutest thing

She also popped a new tooth which makes number 5.

Stretching out feedings again.  Sometimes I forget to nurse her for a long time.  She's not asking for it, so I often get distracted

She still usually nurses to sleep, but every so often she doesn't want to and she's squirm in my arms for a minute and then lay her head on my chest and fall asleep.  Those moments are bliss.

Mallory ~47 Weeks~

Misc: She's getting great at standing.  She can stand with very minimal leaning on/against anything.
First time in a big girl car seat. 

Food:  Not a brand new thing, but she's been loving oranges/mandarians a lot recently

Sleep:  I've stopped using the snuza at night because she just kept setting it off.
Sleep has been better though.  Less time spent in my bed. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

46 week update ~Mallory~

I am horrible at getting these done on time so I'm almost glad to be in the home stretch.  However that means I will have a baby who is no longer a baby. 

Feeding: Yogurt has been a hit this week.

Sleeping: A little better this week for the most part.  But she did get sick this week so she needed her mama to snuggle her at night.

She had a bit of fever this week so there were a few rough days where there were lots of snuggles.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mallory ~10 months~

Crawling! Pulling up!  

Size 3 diapers. 

9 month pants, 6-9 month onesies, moving into 9 month pajamas. I have to figure out how to get shoes on her and keep them on now that it's getting cold.

I feel like she's talking more.  I mean that she can repeat sounds that sound like words back.  Like I said thank you and she sounded like she said it also.

Our scale is wonky so no clue on weight and I don't ever measure height really.

She loves the activity tables we have and is fond of trying to sneak into Eleanor's room when she's napping. 

Oh and crawling into the bathroom is also a favorite activity.

Mallory ~45 Weeks~

Feeding: I don't know if she had chili before but she loved it when I gave it to her.

We had a few really hard nap days.  I'm learning that I really do need to be home and not expect her to nap on the go.  She will, but then it's only short naps and I can get her to take one good one at least if we are home. 

She's gotten really good at crawling this week.   Like with her belly off the floor.  I'd say she does that 60-70% of the time.  I didn't teach her how to do it because I wasn't in a hurry for her to learn. lol!

My best friend was in town and it was fun to see Mallory and her 'play' now that Mallory is bigger this time.

She loves crawling for the dishwasher and the refrigerator.

She's been curious about the Christmas tree but hasn't used it to stand up which was my biggest concern.  I don't care if she takes off the ornaments.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Mallory ~44 Weeks~

Food: Started giving her veggie straws.  Those are a hit!

Misc: Started crawling on hands and knees.
Tooth number 4 popped this week.
Met Santa this week
First time in the snow; quick sled ride around the yard.
Called poison control because I found drywall in her mouth and wasn't sure if she'd actually swallowed any.

Sleep: Not great, likely because of the new tooth.