About Us

I'm Kelly. I'm 28, married to Rob, 29. We live near Grand Rapids, MI. We graduated high school together (2003), but didn't hang out until 4 years later when we were out with friends at the Margarita Grill for country night (summer 2007). Rob came up to me, and we started talking and a month or so later we went on our first date. July 4 2010 we got engaged, April 15 2011 we got married.

We have two angel babies (9.12 & 10.12) and in October 2013 became parents to a sweet girl named Eleanor.



  1. It is so hard to lose babies. We have been there. I wish you the best in this pregnancy.

  2. Hi...I am Patty from Instagram-girlsanbows. You posted that you want to do a blog review/spotlight on my business. I would totally LOVE that. I live in MI too!!! In Highland, near Milford and Hartland. My facebook page is www.facebook.com/BowsandGirls.pattymoorecovieo