Friday, September 6, 2013

Are we ready yet?

Everything in the pictures is overflow and extra stored in the basement. I'm still working on the nursery post.  I'm pretty sure this kid has way to much stuff.  And I didn't even show the several totes of toys and other misc. things that she has also.  The totes are a good size too; you can't see how big they actually  are from the pictures.

Are we ready for her yet?  I think so. Haha. I just want her to get her so she can use all this stuff and wear all the cute clothes!

We do plan to cloth diaper, but we were given all these diapers, and will use them as well.
Extra wipes in the basement

Size 1 that didn't fit in her room & 2 diapers
Size 3 diapers

No size 4 and the lone size 5 box; Hopefully we can be potty training by this point

Extra girl clothes and one lone boy tote

I won the city mini last summer and we were given the snugli stroller and adaptor.
We also have a keyfit caddy for the carseat

Teething and feeding stuff ( sippy cups, bibs etc...), extra bath
stuff and extra blankets

I do also have a space saver high chair and an old pack and play that I bought
at garage sales ($10 for the high chair and $15 for the pack and play).

I also have one of these that I won in a giveaway.

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