Tuesday, September 10, 2013

37 weeks ~ Full term!

How far along:  37 weeks.  Full term.  I'm going to have a baby soon.  

Baby Size: 

Weight:  Down again this week.  Total gained is 33lbs.  Maybe I won't hit the 40lb mark after all.


  • I'm sore, and get that way really easily.  
  • I also get out of breath quickly.  Singing at church on Sunday made me out of breath
  • Restless legs/arms every single night.
  • I'm really hungry.  I wake up in the middle of the night and just want to eat sometimes even if I eat something shortly before bed. 

Maternity Clothes: Yeah, 90% of what I wear is maternity.  The only non-maternity tops I wear are shirts to sleep, and with the exception of a couple of skirts and sweatpants all my bottoms are maternity.

Sleep:  I wish I could get comfortable at night.  I toss and turn all night.  I sleep with a ton of pillows.  Pillows under my head, under my feet, between my knees, and I have my arms wrapped around one.

One plus to not working is that I can sleep in and do most days until 10am now.  So I guess I'm getting sleep, just not good sleep.

Cravings/Food Aversions:  Loving these two things. 

Oh and this too.  Since I can't have wine yet, this is the next best thing (sort of anyway)

Belly Button: It's out, but not like a turkey timer, or so I've been told

Rings on or off: Off almost all the time

Gender:  Girl

Name:  Eleanor Rose

Movement: She is still moving around, but the movements aren't as strong and are almost more wave like.  My stomach rolls a lot.  

Rob doesn't normally try to feel her move.  Every time I tell him to and he puts his hand on my stomach she stops. Finally on Saturday he got to feel her for a while.

Stretch Marks: New ones all the time it seems like. And in odd spots.  Like my legs?  I have ones that Rob pointed out on my upper thighs.  I can't see them over the belly, so I don't know how long they were there. 

Best moment: The hospital tour was a good thing that we did.  Although I think it made me more nervous seeing the delivery room and knowing that I will be in one of those soon. 

I ordered the video monitor.  I debated between 2, but went with the cheaper one, because it still had great reviews.  I used earned/won amazon gift cards so it didn't even cost anything.  I haven't got it, but I choose this one. 

Looking forward to:  Meeting her!

Nervous about: Only having a few weeks left before she get's here.  Eeek!

What I miss:  I miss Rob.  I know I see him everyday, but we don't sleep in the same bed anymore, we don't really have sex anymore (sorry if that's to much information for some of you; we try, but it just doesn't work out so well with a belly in the way)

Labor signs: Still lot's of Braxton Hicks. Most of the day Saturday I was having them.

Appointments:  I had one today.  It went well.  Measuring at 38 weeks, they couldn't get a heart rate number, but could hear it.   Next one is next week Tuesday (which is also my birthday!)

Misc.  I had all these great intentions of making freezer meals, but we don't have freezer space.  All we have is a fridge/top freezer combo and that doesn't hold much.  I've been telling Rob for a looooonnngggg time (well before getting pregnant) that I wanted a chest freezer.  But we still don't have one.  Looks like we are going to be eating lots of canned soup (which I will have to buy) since that will be an easy meal to make. 

People touching my stomach has never really bugged me, although I do think it's odd when she's not moving to want to, but I don't really care.   I kind of hate it when I say she's moving, someone tries to feel, and then she stops.  I feel like it's my fault or something.  Haha. 

I moved a ton of stuff out of her room and closet down to the basement on Friday.  I overdid it because I was sore the rest of the day and spent the night with the heating pad.  I even moved all the one size cloth diapers since we have an abundance of size 1 diapers, probably close to 800, and we even have about 150 newborn sized disposables.  We didn't buy any; we were given them.  I have a few newborn cloth diapers that I bought and a few that I won, but I'm not I will use them.  

Her room is pretty much done, just a few things to hang up.  I bought a storage ottoman at Target today for books.  It doesn't match anything, but I returned a toy that we got a duplicate of, plus got a discount because it had a blemish kind of stain on it, and used the cartwheel savings so the total cost was only around $1.  And I used a gift card so really it was free.  There was one that matched better, but it had a soft top and if she tried to sit or stand it would probably collapse so I didn't want that. 

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  1. I only had a tiny freezer as well so could only freeze basics. Fish always good because you can just shove it under the grill. Massive bowls of porridge with apricots, nuts, flax seed etc are amazing for keeping your energy up. And just insist that everyone who visits brings a meal with them :-)

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower - Alice @ Mums Make Lists x