Friday, January 29, 2016

One Week Update ~ Mallory

I realized that I didn't have a special object to take her picture with each week so
 I just grabbed a random stuffed animal that Eleanor never was interested in.
But I do want to get something else for the next 51 weeks. 
This has been one of the quickest weeks of my life.  I need it to slow down.  Like way down. 

It a little bit is crazy to me to think that just over a week ago I still didn't know who this little baby was going to be and now she's here and what was life like before her?  Because it's already getting hard to remember.  

So far I've been doing okay.  The housework doesn't get done because I just don't want to miss out on snuggles with Mallory or some playtime with Eleanor.  So I don't do it and Rob doesn't do it.  It makes me a little anxious when the sink is overflowing with dishes and those 4 baskets of laundry have at there all week and the carpet has crumbs in it from Eleanor's snacks.   Still I need to take it easy though.

Recovery has been so much easier this time.  Like I said in her birth story I only took pain meds the first day.  I'm still sore a little bit from pushing her out, but it's gotten much better since middle of this week.  I don't cringe when I sit down anymore.  My arms aren't sore from holding my legs back during pushing and bleeding is light to medium.

Weight wise I'm not down very much (about 10 lbs) and I think I dropped weight quicker with Eleanor (some was likely water weight from the iv's though) but I'm not complaining at all.

Mallory is doing pretty good.  She isn't a big nurser though.  A good nursing session is around 8 minutes so far.  I've gotten a few ten minute plus and like two fifteen minute ones and consider that to be great.  But she is having wet/dirty diapers and is gaining weight.

Birth she was 7lbs 2 oz, at one day she was  6 lbs 13 oz, 3 days she was 7 lbs and at 6 days she was 7 lbs 9 ounces so she's growing like crazy. 

She had some elevated bilirubin levels because of a blood incompatibility but it has gotten much better and hasn't needed any extra care for it. 

Her alert periods are happening more and lasting longer as of the last few days.  She still is a big sleeper (as are all newborns really) but I love when she's curled up on me all snuggly.  

Eleanor adores her still which I was concerned by.  I worried once she wasn't so new she wouldn't like her, and she's still pretty new but Eleanor likes to try to hug her and kiss her and is excited to see her each morning. 

Big sister was sharing toys. :)

This one melts my heart.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mallory's Birth Story

Totally different from Eleanor's in every way.  I don't have as many details because it was a little crazy so times are approximate.  I know it sounds hard to believe but honestly I just don't think I realized I was in full blown labor because of how different it was from when I had Eleanor.

January 4th.  Went to triage because baby was being quiet.  Everything looked pretty good at the time. 35 weeks 5 days at the time

January 12th: Doctors appointment, dilated to a 1 to 1 1/2 and 60% effaced. 36 weeks 6 days.

January 19th: Doctors appointment, mentioned quiet baby again and had a nst.  Baby passed that. 37 weeks 6 days

January 21:  Baby had it's quietest day yet, so again I was sent to triage and was there from about 5:30-7pm.  I was a good 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  I am now 38 weeks 1 day.  I prayed on the way home that the baby would come soon because my anxiety was getting a little bit much because of the decreased fetal movements. 

I was having cramping shortly after but figured it was mostly just from the cervical check although some of it was probably braxton hicks contractions. I also hadn't had a really good poop for a few days so figured I needed to do that too. That night I was feeling contractions and I was breathing really heavy and yelling at times through them, but again didn't think they were real. I was trying to time them but would forget to start or stop the timer and they were a few minutes apart but they didn't seem like they were lasting long. With Eleanor I didn't have any without pitocin so I didn't know what to expect.   At some point Rob left the bedroom because he couldn't sleep.

January 22:  Around 4:30 I woke up and felt something different.  It felt thick so I wondered if maybe it was my mucus plug or a clot or something.  Later realized it was likely my water breaking since it was not intact when we got to the hospital but I didn't leak a ton like with Eleanor so I didn't know. I called for Rob at this point and he came off the couch and I said call my dad I need to go to the hospital (because I was in pain).  This was about 4:50 he called.  I was still really feeling like I had to poop and Rob kept telling me to sit on the toilet but I couldn't.  It hurt to sit.  I did poop a tiny bit on the floor because standing felt better.  I kept going from standing and wanting to lay on the bed and rob kept saying we need go now. I remember saying at one point I felt like I needed to push but I was scared. Even after that though I was still like I just need to poop.  He helped me get pants and underwear on and put slippers on my feet because I only had a t-shirt on. Even after he finally got me in the car and we were leaving the driveway I was saying this.  He was saying it's way to much pain for needing to poop.  I don't remember exactly what time we left the house but I do remember at one point looking at the clock and it said 5:40.

Rob then made the comment how they were about 3 minutes apart, and at that point I was thinking well then how many more am I going to have before we get there.  I was screaming and trying to push out what I thought was a poop every couple minutes and at one point I think I did poop a little and said that.

We got to the hospital a little before 6 and pulled up to the maternity entrance and Rob went to grab a wheelchair and the security guy came out to help and it took me a minute or two to even be able to get out of the car because I was having a contraction and screaming.  I was wheeled in and the nurse at the entrance was asking me my name and date of birth etc.. because we hadn't called ahead.  I'd thought about it but I was worried that because I could talk between contractions they would tell me I didn't need to come in yet.  So random I know.  So I could barely talk and when she tried to get me to sign a consent to treat form I just scribbled my name. Literally just a scribble.

I was having another contraction and was yelling again and I think they could tell how bad it was because the rushed me into a room, helped me get my pants and underwear off and onto the bed.   The nurse checked me and said I was complete and I was in shock.  In 12 hours I had gone from a 3 cm to 10 cm.

Say Wut?

 I remember a moment of panic because Rob wasn't in the room, he had initially walked in with my purse and I thought it was still sitting in the entryway and said something about my bag and where is my husband?

So at that point the room started filling up with nurses (there was at least 6 plus my doctor) and they got everything set up and I realized I was going to have this baby right then in that triage room.  I wasn't going to even make it up to the delivery room.  Oh and I realized at that point I wasn't going to get pain meds.  But it appeared I was going to get the vaginal birth I'd hoped for.

Then my doctor came in and I was slightly relieved.  I was worried I was going to get stuck with the on call from when I had Eleanor and I did not like her (and even Rob felt the same).  I mean it that moment I didn't care, but leading up to the end of the pregnancy it was a concern of mine.

I thought my motivation for a vaginal delivery was going to be finding out who this baby was and meeting him/her but all I could think about was how much this hurt and how I wanted some relief from the pain once the baby was out.

Rob finally came in at some point and was a bit stunned to already see part of the baby's head. It was a oh this is happening moment for him too.

I was parched at some point so Rob fed me ice chips (so movie ish right?) and I remember saying that it hurt and how encouraging the nurses were.  They were telling me I was doing great.  I pushed with Eleanor but that didn't end with a vaginal birth so I wasn't sure what I was even doing but they were telling me I was doing good.

I probably pushed a few times each contraction for maybe 4 or 5 contractions.  They had me reach down to feel the head at one point.  I vaguely remember the head and shoulders coming out and then she was on my chest.  I still had my shirt on so no skin to skin right then but she was in my arms.  January 22 2016 at 6:21 am.  Less than 30 minutes after getting to the hospital.

Then my next question was what is it because I couldn't see and neither could Rob. One of the nurses said girl and I said I knew it.  Mallory Diane was here!  Mallory was one of two names Rob was okay with out of the hundreds I suggested.  Mallory worked better with our last name I think.  Diane is Rob's mom's middle name as well so there is a sweet family connection with that.

elf joy


I didn't cry but I looked up at Rob who was a little bit.  I think I was in a little bit of shock and just couldn't process it or something.
5 minutes old!

I guess I tried to pull her up closer but because the cord was attached they told me not to.  I don't remember this but this is what Rob said happened.   I do remember my doctor saying he was going to tell the other doctor (who had delivered Eleanor) that I could have a vaginal birth after all.  Ha, take that! After the congratulations and everything we headed up to the actual delivery room.


There I delivered the placenta and because I had a few tears I needed a few stitches on the bottom. I could have had one on the top too but it wasn't enough that they felt it was necessary.   So then my doctor stitched me up and then he left.

I got my shirt off at some point and did skin to skin.  This was before Mallory was even measured.  We did that for a while, I attempted nursing which wasn't bad at all.  It helped that I kind of knew what I was doing even though it had been a few years since I'd nursed a brand new baby.   After that the nurse did her measurements.  She was 7lbs 2 oz and 19 1/2 inches.  She got her newborn screening and tests.  9/9 APGAR.

I was helped up to the bathroom to clean up a little bit and Mallory had her first bath.

My parents showed up with Eleanor and my niece while we were still in the delivery room.  We made them wait in the hallway while we introduced Eleanor to Mallory.  She was a little hesitant but very quickly warmed up and was telling my niece and parents to come and see "Malwe"  When it was time for her to go she cried that she wanted Mallory to go to her house.

That whole first day I kept up with the pain meds they gave me,but after Saturday morning I didn't take any.  I was obviously sore from delivering a baby and had the expected cramping and had some extremely sore arms from holding my legs, but I really was feeling great.  So different from Eleanor's birth.  We went home Saturday night.

Overall we've adjusted fairly well, Eleanor really loves her as do we obviously.  Rob's back at work today so I'm nervous about that a little bit.

Mallory still has some slightly elevated bilirubin levels but the doctors aren't concerned by it really. I worry sometimes about how much she sleeps (not a problem per say) and her short nursing sessions but she's been having wet and dirty diapers so I try not to.

I haven't had pain meds with the exception of two ibuprofen (just an over the counter dosage).  There has still been cramping and I'm quite sore from her birth.  Bleeding has been tolerable and my arms are finally starting to not be as sore.

Overall this experience was so different from Eleanor's in pretty much every way.  From water breaking with pitocin induced contractions and pushing resulting in a c-section after nearly 24 hours to not even realizing I was in labor really and having contractions for 8 ish hours (I think) and an un-medicated vaginal delivery in under 30 minutes.

I probably wouldn't choose a un-medicated delivery again but I'm pretty proud of myself for doing it!
pat yourself on shoulder

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Round 2: 38 Weeks

How far along:  38 weeks

Baby Size:


Weight:  Up a few pounds from last week.  Total so far is just over 30 gained.


  • Moving like this. 
  • Serious Exhaustion
  • Out of Breath
  • Pelvic Pressure
  • Also not totally constipated but also not having as many bowel movements which I think may be some of the pelvic pressure. 
  • TMI: Discharge when I wipe

Maternity Clothes: Tops yes, pants are yoga pants, leggings or the rare appearance of maternity jeans.

Sleep:  I wish!

Cravings/Food Aversions:  I just don't really have much of a desire to eat lately.

Belly Button:  Out

Rings on or off: On

Gender:  I'm thinking boy now but kind of because I do think it's a girl so I feel like it must be a boy then.

Name:  We have a boy and girl name all set.  

Movement:  Yeah, but not as much as before.  So I mentioned this at my appointment yesterday and my doctor decided to do a non stress test (nst).  Baby started off slow and once the nurse buzzed my belly (with a hand held massage thing) it perked up a little and has been a little better the last day or so. 

Stretch Marks: Yeah, but not nearly as many as with Eleanor.

Best moment: Feeling like I have pretty much everything done.  All I need to get done is move Eleanor's car seats and install the bases in both cars.

Eleanor's been playing with the bouncer and the kick n play piano play mat and it's really cute. 

Looking forward to:  Meeting the baby!  

Nervous about:  I'm scared I'm going to resent the baby for changing my relationship with Eleanor, or Eleanor for cutting it into my time to celebrate and bond with the baby. 

What I miss:  The occasional glass of wine, being able to sit comfortably.

Labor signs:  I'm still having lots of bh's and lately have been having a lot more pelvic pressure which I don't really remember having with Eleanor. 

Appointments:    Every week now.  Yesterday was just supposed to be quick but wound up taking a little longer because of the NST


To Get
  • New pump parts (I'm holding off on this though because I will likely get one from insurance that will be a different brand)
  • Ring sling  
  • Newborn diapers
  • Size 1 diapers 
  • Gripe water
  • A baby book  
  • Receiving blankets (we used these as burp clothes) or actual burp cloths
  • New bibs
  • Pacifiers (My sister gave me a bunch from my nephew that they didn't use so I'm all set now)
  • Some fleece sleepers
  • Bottle brush
  • Gas drops
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Big sister gift for Eleanor (shirt, book, doll, dry erase markers-random but she loves the ones she got at Christmas). 
To do:
  • Wash clothes/nursing pillow covers/car seat cover/rock n play cover/newborn cloth diapers
  • Check Snuza Battery
  • Hang up wall art, and shelving in Eleanor's big girl room (but first I have to paint them)
  • Clean closet in Eleanor's big girl room and move her clothes into there, get extra hanging storage 
  • Install car set bases
  • Sanitize bottles/pacifiers/pump parts
  • Wash playmat
  • Clean baby bathtub
  • Make freezer meals
  • Raise crib height back up  
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Call insurance about breast pump 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Round 2: 37 Weeks

How far along:  37 weeks

Baby Size:  A big bag of potato chips or a 2 L of soda (dr. pepper maybe?),

Weight:   Still generally around the 30-33lb gained mark.  Maybe I won't hit 40 this time?


  • Out of breath all the time
  • Restless legs.  I feel like this at night sometimes. 
  • Sciatic nerve pain came back this week and it was a bad weekend.  And of course I planned to do all my freezer meals then so limping around the store was a hoot.
  • Insomnia
  • Exhaustion (see above)
  • Reflux
  • Getting out of bed or off the couch feels like this
  • And this is random but I've been getting really nauseous in the car.  It's happened when I've been riding and when I've been driving so I don't know what that's about. 
  • Lots of trips to the bathroom

Maternity Clothes:  Yes, and some tops are starting to get short already, but I only have a few weeks to go.

Sleep:  There were a few nights that I didn't fall asleep until at least 2am.   It was a combination of restless legs and insomnia and it stunk. Most nights though I fall asleep around midnight.  I think Rob thinks all I do is be lazy when I say I slept in until 8am but if Eleanor is going to sleep in so am I since I'm up so late anyway. 

Cravings/Food Aversions:   Still loving chocolate.

Belly Button:  Out

Rings on or off: On

Gender:  I had a dream that it was a girl (of course it was also a horrible dream that I don't even want to mention because it's depressing).  But I also have boy vibes often too, especially lately.

Name:  Settled on the middle name for the girl name

Movement:  Generally enough that I feel comfortable and not nervous, but Monday morning was a quiet morning combined with my dream mentioned above and naturally I was a little nervous. But then I got a few thumps and felt better.

Stretch Marks: Yes, but I probably have some I just can't even see. 

Best moment: Just getting some good time in with Eleanor

Looking forward to:  Seeing Eleanor interact with the baby. 

Nervous about: What to do with Eleanor when the baby comes.  Worried that there will be a snow storm or blizzard when this baby comes.  Having two kids.  Being on one income. 

What I miss:  Not being out of breath all the time. I seriously got out of breath just singing in church on Sunday

Labor signs:  Braxton Hicks

Appointments:   I had an appointment yesterday.  They did the swab for group b, and heartrate was good and measuring right at 37 weeks.  

I asked if Eleanor would even be allowed to come to the hospital since it's cold/flu season and they said yes as long as she isn't sick herself.  
Although I'm hoping for a vaginal delivery I'm also preparing for a c-section.  Because I didn't know what to expect last time and hadn't planned on it, there are things I know I want to do differently this time.  I asked about having the drape lowered or a mirror when she/he is delivered and they said that was doable.  I also asked about how quickly I could do skin to skin since I didn't get that with Eleanor and they said they now use a drape with a pass through thing (which I just recently read about actually) so once they baby is delivered they will pass the baby through for me to hold (although likely I may need Rob's help).  Of course if it winds up being an emergency c-section these things won't happen.  Eleanor's delivery wasn't an emergency, just a yep this is what's got to happen kind of thing. 
When the midwife who was helping did the swab she did a check and said I was like 1 to 1 1/2 cm which I know doesn't really even mean anything, but she also could feel the head so I know baby is head down at least, and unlikely to flip (Although anything is possible still) at this point thankfully. 


To Get
  • New pump parts
  • Ring sling  (Ordered one last night.  I found one I liked on etsy, but the seller had a website and there was free shipping on the website.  It was under what I thought I'd pay for one and I used paypal funds from a sponsored post a few months ago so that was nice)
  • Newborn diapers
  • Size 1 diapers 
  • Gripe water
  • A baby book  (Thanks Sadie for the tip on where to get them cheaper)
  • Receiving blankets (we used this as burp clothes) or burp cloths
  • New bibs
  • Pacifiers (just a few in the smallest size and really I'm debating holding off and trying the ones I have to see if this baby likes them anyway.  If it's a boy he will be fine with a pink one until I buy a 'boy color')
  • Some fleece sleepers
  • Bottle brush
  • Gas drops
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Big sister gift for Eleanor (shirt, book, doll, dry erase markers-random but she loves the ones she got at Christmas).  I already have some other stuff for her to entertain her when we get home. 
To do:

  • Wash clothes/nursing pillow covers/car seat cover/rock n play cover/newborn cloth diapers
  • Check Snuza Battery
  • Hang up wall art, and shelving in Eleanor's big girl room (but first I have to paint them)
  • Clean closet in Eleanor's big girl room and move her clothes into there, get extra hanging storage 
  • (We ordered this and so far it's doing the trick. Organize It All Closet Doubler (1346W) )
  • Install car set bases
  • Sanitize bottles/pacifiers/pump parts
  • Wash playmat
  • Clean baby bathtub
  • Make freezer meals (made 2 batches of veggie soup, 2 batches of chili, beef stew, black bean, corn and salsa chicken, meatball vegetable soup, chicken caccitore, baked pasta and teriyaki chicken; all for the crockpot as well as some taco meat and some extra ground beef)
  • Raise crib height back up  (I did this all by myself!  Expect for one small screw that Rob hekped me with because it was missing an insert and needed that to be tight enough.  I was/am so proud of myself!)
  • Call insurance about breast pump 
With Eleanor and then this baby.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Eleanor Update 27 months

It's been a few months so it's time for an Eleanor update but it's a short one since I can't remember things apparently. 

  • Moved her into her big bed and room new year's day.  She's been doing awesome with staying in her bed.  
  • She sleeps better now I think. At night anyway  Usually until 8 am although that's not a given.  Usually she will sleep 11 ish hours at night.  Naps are maybe half the time, but she will usually play quietly in her bed at least. 
  • Loves to sing.  Favorite songs to sing are "10,000 reasons: Bless the Lord" & "Jingle Bells" 
  • Wearing 2t/24 month clothes, a size 4 disposable diaper (when we aren't in cloth)
  • She's been around the 25-27 pound mark for a while.  Not sure how tall she is. 
  • Favorite tv show by far is Daniel Tiger.  She also likes Curious George and the movie 'Frozen'
  • Still rear facing with no plans to change that. 
  • Loves to eat frozen waffles, fruit snacks (and also her gummy vitamins), apples, donuts, tater tots. 

  • She likes to color and play with play-doh