Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Coupon Deals for September

Now that I'm not working, I'm finding little ways to save or make money where I can.  Yesterday I took some high end maternity clothes (that I won!) to a consingment shop and I hope they sell.  They were free to me, which was a bummer that they didn't fit, so any money I make will be helpful. 

I was so busy working this summer that I didn't really use many coupons with the exception of the digital ones I could clip through Meijer's mperks program.  I used to be a big Aldi shopper, but with working everyday it wasn't as convenient to go there.  So I shopped a lot at Meijer since it was on the way home and I rarely bought something not on sale.  

I found some good printable coupons that I will be using and want to share them. 

Baby Related
Breakfast related
Health & Beauty
A full list of the September coupons is listed below.  (I do earn a small amount for each one printed using the links; it's pretty small so I'm not rolling in the dough, unless you print every single one, which is unlikely...haha)

Baby Supplies
Entertainment + School Supplies
Drinks + Beverages
Health + Wellness
Teeth Care + Rinse
Beauty + Hair + Personal Care + Shaving Supplies
Treats + Snacks
Cleaner + Polishing + Deodorizers
Pet Food + Supplies
Oil + Propane Supplies

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