Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Quiet Book

I decided to make a quiet book.  Partly out of boredom, partly because I knew it would be a fun project and something for my nieces and nephews to play with and my own baby to enjoy.

I found most of the templates and ideas on this blog or pinterest.  Most of the pages I did just based on ideas, but I did use a template for the potato head page. 

I spent probably 20 hours over the course of months working on it.  I'd be all into it and then get bored of it, so it took a while to get it to where I felt like it was done.

I probably spent $30 on it.  This includes the felt, felt glue, velcro and buttons.  I had the ribbon (to secure the book) and thread (I used embroidery; since I had lots left from my cross stitching days) .

I hand sewed the pages with embroidery, because I didn't know how to properly do felt in my sewing machine and didn't want to break it or break a needle.

The other pages I just used felt glue.

I was going to title it 'Busy Book" and cut out the letters, but I was having issues with cutting out letters. Apparently I didn't know how.  So I just thought I would keep it simple and spell fun on the front, but I could not figure out how to cut out the letter N.  I even wrote one on a scrap to see how it looked.  I had to have Rob help me.  I'm going chalk it up to pregnancy brain.

I will probably add onto it because I don't like that you can see the backs of the pages I used thread for, but I have no idea when and for now I just want to be done with it.

The colors on some pages are off a little, the lighting must have been crummy, but I'm not going to edit them.  You get the idea :)

The cover page

This is an apple picking page, the apples look more like hearts and the tree more like a hand, but I live in a big apple growing area. 

 A page to practice counting.  Rob actually cut out the numbers.  He did way better than I could.  I used ribbon and just attached it to the page with thread.

A tic tac toe page.  My niece made sure that I had equal circles and squares.  I used scraps for this page. They game pieces have velcro on the back

The potato head page.  The main piece is secured with felt glue and the rest have velcro on them. 

This is a puzzle page.  I cut out the heart and glued it to the white felt and then cut it up into pieces. which are attached with velcro.

This holds the extra potato head page pieces. It's attached on the sides and bottoms with thread

 This page is to practice buttoning. The bottom pieces are attached to the page with thread and the button is sewn on with thread also.  Then the top piece has a slit in it to attach it to the piece stuck on the page.

The coloring is way off, but this is a road page (obviously, lol).  The road and lines are attached with felt glue, the car piece has velcro on the back, and the house is also attached with felt glue. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your Fun book via the Mommy Monday Blog Hop!
    Super cute, I think you're going to love when your baby can plan with the book *you* made :)

  2. This is adorable! What a great idea. :-) Thanks for sharing

  3. This looks like it was fun to make. I miss doing crafts! My son will be at the age to do them soon enough! Thanks for sharing with us on Mommy Monday! xoxo