Monday, September 16, 2013

#MeijerStyle Fall Look #Sponsored

* I was provided with a gift card in order to complete this challenge*

I love Meijer! I actually worked there as a cashier when I was in college for a while (although that was longer ago than I want to admit).

I love that I can find whatever I need there, from clothes to groceries to household items (such as small appliances, bedding, kitchen fixtures etc...).

So when offered the chance to create a fall look I was up for it.  I worried the challenge might be tougher due to the fact that I'm 9 months pregnant and Meijer doesn't carry a maternity line.  I was still pretty sure that I could find something to make it work. 

I browsed through the ad online before going to see what was on sale that week.

While searching around on the website I learned that that actually do sell maternity clothes online (only online though).  I never knew that! 

These tops were on sale for $14 (normally priced at $16) & the leggings for $8 (normally $10).  Ths is the kind of outfit I would wear even when not pregnant, but I knew it would work being pregnant so this was my idea in my head when I went out to the store. 

I had also wondered if I should get some sort of sports team football related gear since that's pretty big for fall, but decided against it. 

I'm terrible at accessorizing so I wanted to find something that I could dress up with a necklace or fun purse. 

Once I got there, I got the style of top I went in for, a few other loose flowy and tunic style tops, a tank top and a pair of leggings.

I tried on the style of top that I went in for, but it just didn't look right. I knew that a loose flowy style top would be the best, so I tried on the other tops that I brought, but none of them were working how I had hoped.

However, the leggings worked great & the tank top worked well (I just had a size to big).  So I decided to work with that and find a cardigan or a sweater to pair with it.

I had black leggings and found a black sweater, but wanted to have some sort of color so I changed colors in tank tops and found a sparkly purple tank top.

So after getting my outfit, the next step was to accesorize.  I have small wrists so bracelets don't work for me, and I don't normally wear earings so I was hoping to find a necklace.

After wandering back and forth I found a necklace and I was set to go.

Here is the outfit I came up with (the only thing I didn't get during this Meijer shopping trip was the boots).  I'm loving it because it is comfortable, and it will work post baby as well.  I actually went back and bought more of the tanks because they were that comfortable.

The whole outfit cost under $50.  Success!

Here are examples of other ideas from Meijer.

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