Monday, September 30, 2013

Vistaprint $6 t-shirts ENDS 10/4

I think a custom t-shirt would make a awesome Christmas gift.  I'd love to give my dad one using a picture of him and baby girl, but she has yet to make her appearance and this offer ends on Friday so I might not be able to take advantage of this deal.  

However you can, so be sure to make your shirt soon!

Win a pair of soleRebels shoes

These shoes are adorable!  I'd love to win a pair.  They probably won't be so practical now considering it's getting cooler out and I live in a snowy state, but I still want them!

Click here to enter

Win organic chocolate!

Chocolate has been a big craving, especially at the end of this pregnancy.  Enter to win some organic chocolate.  Yum!

Click here to enter

Monday Quiz About Me 9/30

1. It's Customer Service week - do you think customer service is getting better or worse now than it was five years ago?

I think it's worse because a lot of companies use those automated voice prompt systems.  Half the time they don't get what you are saying, even if you say it slowly and clearly.  Big companies don't seem to care because you are just a number to them.

At&t is the worst.  I've yet to hear a positive thing about them.

Health insurance companies I've found are pretty good with prompt answering (with a real person), and being friendly.  Blue Care is always friendly and quick and Aetna never gave me issues either. 

2. October 1st is also World Vegetarian Day - have you ever spent time as a Vegetarian?  Do you have regular meatless meals?

I've never officially been a vegetarian, but I'm not a big meat eater so 2/3 of the meals I make don't involve meat.  I could eat pasta every day though.  I love carbs!

3. What reality show would you like to be a part of?

I don't really have a lot of skills or talents so shows that involve dancing or singing would be out.   I'm also not athletic so that counts that out as well.   I would like to be on a game show that involves answering trivia questions.  I love trivia.  Does that count?

4. Are you planning to watch the Baseball post-season?  Who will win the World Series?

I would probably if we got more than one channel.  I don't know who is in the finals, so I don't know who will win.  Being from Michigan I guess I should cheer on the Tigers, but I also grew up with a dad who was a big Cubs fan. I'd celebrate if either of those teams won.  

Acting Balanced

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 9/28

1)  Last weekend was early doe season for hunting.  Rob went out Saturday morning and evening and saw nothing.  He wound up really frustrated and was ready to give up.  He went back out Sunday evening to a different spot and got his deer.  He sent me a text and I was so surprised because it took no time at all.
We don't eat venison, but it works well for us because Rob can donate the meat to the outreach my brother in laws mother runs.  It's a win because the outreach gets meat, I'm sure the processor gets a tax write off, our little freezer space isn't used up, and Rob can hunt and not worry about what to do with the deer. 

2) I started (and I mean that; the email came in at 12:02 on Sunday am) the week off by winning some bath time stuff for baby girl.  Then later in the week I won a copy of the Lorax on dvd (which will probably be used as a Christmas gift) & a coupon for a Farm Rich frozen food product. My favorite win was a $50 babies r us gift card. I also won a Veggie Tales dvd.  I've been trying to win a convertible car seat, but haven't had luck with it.  I have time though before she would even grow out of her seat so I'll just keep trying. 

3) I had my 39 week check up this week.  I am maybe at 2 cm diliated, which doesn't really mean much because things can change quickly.  I did find it nice to know that I did make some progress from my appointment at 35 weeks where I hadn't made any progress.

I also got the flu shot which made my arm hurt for a day or so, but it's nice to have that out of the way.

4)  We went to the casino last night to celebrate the birthday of Rob's friend.  Obviously a crowded smoky casino isn't appealing to a 9 month pregnant lady, plus the 45 minute car ride each way. We had dinner there, but after we finished we didn't stay long actually gambling
(an hour and a half) and since it is still my birthday month I used my players club card and got a free dessert so that was fun.  I only lost $5 so not to bad. 

5) This morning we met up with friends (who also happen to be someone Rob works with and my sister's in-law) at my parents and we got pumpkins and squash and gourds etc... We also had dinner with them on Thursday (A home cooked meal I didn't have to make.  Yes!).   My parents garden was a little overgrown so it was a workout walking through there.  And they brought over donuts and apple cider. :)

6) Then this afternoon we are going to art prize. I hope anyway, I've been trying to get Rob to take me for the last week and a half.  He doesn't really want to go, but didn't want me to go by myself.  If you don't know what it is, it's the biggest art competition in the world (The official website is here).  I don't know how you would ever see all there is to look at.  I want to check out some of the work, and maybe get this baby moving on out. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Dream House: Kitchen edition

I have no focus lately this the lack of blogging posts.  I just can't concentrate on anything.  I have a few posts started, but that's as far as I've gotten.

The house needs to be cleaned and things need to be organized but instead of doing that, I thought it would be so much more fun to share images of what my dream kitchen would look like.  Thank you pinterest!

I'd love a nook for eating

Hidden walk in pantry?  Yes please!
I love the color of the cabinets.
That window is awesome.
I like the multi-level island
This is smart

What would your dream kitchen look like or contain?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I like to window shop at Zulily

Despite the fact that I visit Zulily and browse several times a week, I have yet to place an order. 

If you don't know what Zulily is you've been living in a cave.  It's a flash deal site where deals go up in all sorts of categories (kids clothes, accessories, home, women,  toys etc...) and stay on the site for just a few days before going away

I'm tempted to order from this sale because I think they would make great stocking stuffers for Rob, and my brother in law.

~39 weeks~

How far along: 39 weeks

Baby Size:  

Weight:  Up about 1lb this week.  Total is about 36 pounds gained.


  • Restless legs
  • Braxton Hicks
  • Lots of pelvic pressure
  • I have been having a hard time with my brain functioning properly.  I took the trash out to the road last week and as I walked back to the house I had a moment where I wondered why the trash can was not in it's normal spot.  Then I was working on my quiet book and could not figure out how to make a letter N.   Finally I just can't hear properly either.  Rob said "shut off the lights please" and I heard "shocked I like these."  He was eating carrots at the time so it made sense to me. 

Maternity Clothes: I am wearing the same pair of pants most days.  They are comfy yoga pants.  I'm starting to outgrow more tops again.  I only have a few that fit.  And it's getting cold now, and I have one hoodie that zips up.  None of my jackets or coats do.

Sleep:  Insomina was pretty bad this week.  I had more than one night that I didn't fall asleep until after 2 am.

Cravings/Food Aversions:  White grape juice, potato skins, onion rings, trail mix

Belly Button: Flat to out

Rings on or off: Off

Gender:  I'll find out soon if she really is a girl.

Name:  Eleanor Rose

Movement: I don't feel her move as often and it kind of makes me nervous.  I feel the nudges of body parts, but not the big movements.  I've said this twice to Rob and naturally she starts moving right after that for a few minutes.  I think she likes him better. 

Stretch Marks: To many to count

Best moment: I was happy we got the car seat installed. 

Looking forward to:  Meeting her

Nervous about: Being responsible for another human and being on my own all the time with her.  Rob doesn't get time off. 

What I miss:  Bending forward, bending over, walking without pain

Labor signs: I thought I could be having contractions yesterday, but I don't really know if they were real ones or not, and since I'm still pregnant I guess not. 

Appointments:  Today at 2

Misc.  The car seat is installed, her room is done, come on baby!

I'm starting to understand why it annoys people when they are constantly asked if they had they baby yet or still pregnant.  I'm not to the point where it annoys me yet, but I get how it could be.  If I don't have a baby in my arms I'm probably still pregnant.  

Monday, September 23, 2013

Game Night Fun Facts

While we don't often play board games (it's tough to play with only two people), I do find them fun to play.  I like to find old games at garage sales because they are unique and it's interesting to see how they compare with games nowadays.

Fishin' Time is one game that I picked up a few years ago for Rob's birthday and it was a hit.  I only spent a few dollars on it, so even though it's only been played a few times it's been worth the money.

When we do play Monopoly it's on the wii.  It's so much easier to play since the math is done for you, but it's not quite the same as actually handling the money.  I guess it's kind of like the difference between reading a book on an e-reader or actually holding the book in your hands.

Infographic Credit

I'm not surprised board game sales have doubled.  Sometimes when I wander through the toy aisle at a store I see a ton that look fun, and if I had someone who would play them with me I would buy them.

This summer when I was working the kids and I played a lot.  Twister was out for me (obviously a little tricky when your pregnant), but we played Monopoly (on the wii) or Monopoly Junior, Life, and a game that I can't remember the name of, but was similar in concept to Apples to Apples.  I loved that I got paid to do it. :)

I look forward to being able to play some games with baby girl when she get's big enough. Candy Land was always a favorite of mine when I was little.

Check out this list of great kid games.

History of the chair

Being 9 months pregnant I just can't seem to get comfortable when I sit.  It doesn't matter what type of chair I'm sitting in.  It's either to hard, the back is to straight, or if it's to tall and my feet dangle it makes them fall asleep and my restless legs worse.   I feel like Goldilocks sometimes.

However looking back at the history of the chair, I think I probably have it better than pregnant women from thousands of years ago.   Although they used pads and cushions even back then, I'm sure with all sorts of technology like memory foam they might be more comfortable nowadays.

Infographic Credit

Wheely chairs are fun no matter how old you are.  Seriously no matter how old you are you sit down and win and naturally spin.   It's interesting to learn that wheels were put on so Darwin could be more efficient at work.  That quote "Necessitiy is the mother of all invention" seems appropriate here.

To learn more about the history of chairs and other seating click here or if you prefer a more in depth learning experience you can order this book from amazon (The Chair: Rethinking Culture, Body, and Design)

Monday Quiz About Me 9/23

Acting Balanced

1. Next Saturday is "Ask a Stupid Question Day"... in preparation for it, please share a stupid question you've been asked or would like an answer to...
Lately I've been getting a lot of the "Have you had your baby yet?" questions.  Since I'm clearly still pregnant and there isn't a baby in my arms, the obvious answer would be no. 

2. Do you believe that workplace dressing has become too casual?
Yes.  I also think that dressing at weddings and church as become to casual as well.  I don't mind jeans at church, but baseball caps shouldn't be worn.  Cut of jeans and a harley davidson t shirt are not wedding attire, even if said wedding is casual in a park. 

3. What technology is on your wishlist?  Is there a technology that hasn't been invented yet that you want to see happen?
I'd love a new laptop. 

4. September is Honey Month - are you a fan of honey?  how do you use it?
I don't use it.  I guess I don't know how to use it really. 

Iphone cases 50% off at Vistaprint this week

When Rob first got his iphone he bought a black and silver case that same day.

The next day he got a better one from a friend, and then I got my iphone and took his old one.  It was intended to be temporary since it's not really my style, but then my job situation changed and I was to cheap to get a new one at the time.

I actually have been looking into custom phone cases because once baby girl get's here I want to get one with her picture.  I looked at shutterfly, but then this great deal popped up from vistaprint.

I don't know why I didn't think about vistaprint.  We ordered all our wedding invites, rsvp cards etc...from there and I was very happy with how the turned out.  And the price.  They were way cheaper than anywhere else, and I didn't have to diy it. 

I also bought a groupon earlier this year for vistaprint and plan on using it for birth announcements. 

This deal is only valid this week and unless baby girl shows up soon I won't be able to take advantage of it.

Cases start at $9.99 and shipping starts at under $6.

Click the image below to check it out. 

*This post contains an affiliate link*

Sunday, September 22, 2013

$500 Sears Card Blogger Opportunity

It’s Christmas Event

Organized by: Mom Powered Media

Grand Prize: $500 Sears Gift Card
Event dates: 11/11 - 12/2
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 9/21

This week was kind of a slow week so this update is super short.

1)  I got two of my prizes this week.  I won a bottle of baby magic no rinse wash that arrived and a $100 amazon gift card.

I didn't win anything this week.  I did however get a $25 pay pal credit from swagbucks that I earned. I also earned a $2 mp3 credit to amazon which I received and a $5 starbucks gift card (earned, not received) from nexercise.  And I earned $4 (not received yet) from pollbuzer for paypal.

You can learn more and signup for those sites using links in this post.

2) Tuesday was my birthday, and my dad's.  I met Rob for lunch, and then went to my weekly doctors appointment.  Later in the day we went to my parents and had cake and ice cream.  It was really low key and I was happy with that.  Rob got me a bunch of mini candy bars; he probably bought a pack of every kind the store had, and he had my car painted (I posted about that last week).


Friday, September 20, 2013

Baby Girl's Nursery

(Some of these pictures are going to show how messy the room used to be; don't judge please! lol)

Last summer I won all the themed stuff (Nojo jungle babies).  Had I not won it, I wouldn't have gone with a theme, and even as it is we didn't use everything that came with the set.

I won a lot of what is in the theme (2 crib sheets, comforter, mesh and plush bumper, stuffed animal, border, wooden plaques, wall decals, fleece blanket, crib pad, lovey blanket, diaper stacker, window valance, mobile)

The fabric bumper was out for safety reasons & the valance was to big so that was also out.  The comforter is in the crib, but will be removed when she sleeps in it. 

When we went to babies r us to register Rob saw the butterfly and the flower wall plaques and decided baby girl needed some pink so he bought her them.

Then we got the pink changing pad cover (We also have a brown one as well).

The dressers actually is part of a set that matches the bed and chest in our room.

The changing table is a Graco lauren

The crib was given to us so I don't know what brand it is.

Bonus: This is what the room liked like 4 years ago when Rob bought the house.

Putting up the border

Assembling the crib

In progress pictures

View from the door

The changing table sits right next to the crib

Middle shelf. The small green basket has a few toys and mini books for distractions during diaper changes.Behind it is a sound machine (located there for proximity to the crib).  The 2 brown baskets have cloth diapers and disposable wipes and the extra changing pad cover.
Bottom shelf:  The white and pink basket has receiving blankets (to be used as burp cloths), then the small brown basket has diaper cream, and baby lotion etc..., The other brown basket has pacifiers (several different brands).
The green case on the far right has medicine, thermometer, and the baby comfy nose that I reviewed earlier this summer. 

The 2 pictures below are the corner opposite the crib.

Top row: All newborn sized clothes, 0-3 month pajamas (I went through and weeded out some.  I had 25 pairs in there!), and then headbands, hats and scratch
All 0-3 month bottoms, 0-3 month onesies/tops, and socks/booties
Sleep sacks/swaddles, blankets & then shoes

Standing by the crib (you can see the changing table in the bottom corner)
The closet has the matching lamp (if we use it), a baby k'tan and ergo, 2 bathtubs (we have to figure out which one we want to use) on the top 2 shelfs.
On the right side of the closet are more diapers.  Newborn size and some size 1.  The breast pump; nursing supplies (cover, milk storage, breast pads etc..) are in the middle tote.  The tote with the pink lid has stuffed animals. 
To the left are postpartum cold packs/pads, a nursing pillow and a cloud b twilight turtle.
The keyfit caddy, and a portable swing are on the bottom, and the car seat is on the bottom
This is not nearly all the clothes she has.  These are just the 0-3 month hoodies/sweaters/dresses and new with tag items. 

The space in between the closet and the door has the glider (and the storage ottoman that doesn't match, but holds the books on the right; which after a sale, discounts, using the money I got after returning a duplicate item, plus a gift card, was free)
 Decals behind the glider

Lot's of books!  This ottoman is never going to move.  It would be so heavy
with all of the books in there. 

While she will be sleeping in the rock n play next to our bed at the beginning her room is all ready for her when she does start using it.  

I would have liked things to match a little better, but really it doesn't matter enough to me so I'm okay with how it turned out.