Saturday, September 7, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 9/7

1) This was a good week for winnings.

 I finally got the headbands I won. I think they are adorable, but it took 6 weeks to get them and I was a little disappointed in that, even though they were free.

I also got the prize pack I won from betty crocker that included oven mitts, an apron, a $10 wal-mart gift card, and baking mixes for chocolate chip cookies, berry muffins and cheesy biscuits.

And I also got a Kandoo prize pack with flushable wipes and shampoo (which I don't have a picture of) & a beauty prize pack which had lotion, nail polish, and lip shimmer.  Crazy thing is that it came from the next town over.

Finally I got this car seat cover (I didn't take this picture, but this is almost like the one I got).  The handle hook part on mine is the polka dot material).   Super cute!

I also won a care bears dvd, baby wash,a $100 amazon gift card, and a $5 amazon gift card as well.

2) We didn't do much this Labor Day weekend at all.  Saturday and Monday we just lounged around the house.  Sunday we went up to his grandparents house on a lake and hung out there for the afternoon.

3) I think nesting has kicked in.  I've organized the newborn clothes, cleaned the bathroom linen closet, sorted the mail and magazines.  I get free subscriptions to magazines sometimes so I have a huge stack of them.  I don't have the time to read them all so I decided to sort through them and pass them along.

One of the ones I did keep was this one.  You can click here for a free subscription.  I like this one because it is a small magazine and easy to read.  I have a subscription to Shape magazine, but at this point skinny women in bikini's (which is every single cover) isn't helping my self-confidence so I want those ones gone. Haha.

4) We had the hospital tour this week.  It was nice to do, but at the same time kind of freaked me out a little.  I can't believe that I will be back there in just a few weeks. Eek!

5) I posted at the beginning of the week about how I was going to make an effort to be more positive.  I've been pretty successful with it so far.  I don't think Rob has noticed, but I think I've noticed a change in myself.

6) My car is at the shop this weekend.  I met Rob on Thursday after my appointment for lunch and we switched cars so he could fix the burned out blinker bulb and then decided to have it painted while it was there, since I'm not working and don't really need it.  Last summer the clear coat started to bubble and peel on the hood and 2/3 of the paint is gone.  The back bumper is also going to be repainted as well.  

I'm so excited to have a nice pretty car again.  Since my birthday is in a week and a half, I guess I'm going to consider this my birthday gift, since it's probably not super cheap, but I am totally okay with that. 

And since Rob works at a car lot/repair shop he can borrow one of the vehicles so I'm not without a vehicle. 

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