Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mallory ~27 Weeks~

Ate stew (mostly just the corn and little tomato pieces), apple/apricot blend, strawberry (not pureed), banana (not pureed), & rice

Not the greatest for nighttime sleep, but for a few days we were camping so she was in a pack n play which isn't as comfy as her crib, and then it just threw her off.

Naps are a little better.

I've become a bed sharer because sometimes it's the only way I can sleep.  So I'm always waking up to happy little shrieks or a foot in my face.

Mallory went camping for the first time, to the beach for the first time, and we got our first tula and she loves being in it! I love snuggling her in it as well.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

6 Months: Mallory

She's mostly into size 6 month clothes.  A few 3 month onesies are fitting, and some 6 month is big but that's the size I put her in most. 

Diapers are size 2.  I'm almost out, but I think she isn't quite ready for 3's (I have plenty of 3's).

She's been nursing every 3-4 hours during the day and usually once at night, although sometimes I could technically consider it morning, but it's early morning. 

She's been eating jarred food for a few weeks, and while I've attempted some real food, banana & pasta she still can't pick it up well.  But she wants to.  Girl loves food!  I've given her mum mums and those were a hit. 

Night time sleep is better. Actually a lot better.  Some nights I nurse her to sleep and lay her down and she doesn't wake up!  Some nights she might wake up once.  She's usually up for the day between 5:30/6:30. Once I transitioned Mallory to the crib I noticed a big improvement.  I'm guessing she just needed some room to move. 

I told myself I wouldn't nurse her to sleep and I totally do.  It's just easier.

She hates naps.  Like won't do it.  Unless I'm holding her, or she's in the stroller or car seat.

She was weighed/measured on the 25th and she was a little under 15 lbs and I think 24 inches?

Mallory gives lots of smiles to most people but she is without a doubt a mama's girl.  It's sweet but being the only one who can comfort her is exhausting.

She's not very good at sitting up on her own but rolls all over the place.

Mallory is a morning person (makes sense because she is well rested).

She's finally given a few good belly laughs, but only a few times and only for Eleanor.

Mallory is very vocal and loud when she get's going.  Not necessarily mad, just loud

She puts anything and everything in her mouth.

She adores her big sister Eleanor, being outside, and when I lift her up in the air like an airplane.

26 weeks ~Mallory~

Nighttime is pretty good.  Naps are non existent unless she is in my arms, or the car/stroller.


Tried pureed mixed veggies & fruit blend.  Also pasta which she couldn't actually pick up.

Mallory went to her  first parade.  She only flinched once when a semi honked, but otherwise didn't react.

This girl is all over the place. 
Eleanor also has a matching headband but refused to wear it.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mallory: ~25 weeks~

Let's start here because night time sleep has been good.   On Monday night I put her in the crib for the first time.  My room get's so hot and she has a ceiling fan in hers.  I nursed her to sleep like usual, cuddled her for a bit, and then laid her in the crib.  She stayed sleeping and slept for 7 1/2 hours!!!  I was up every hour checking on her but whoa!

Then the next night she made it 30 minutes, but the next few nights were pretty good as well.

She has woken up around 5:30 all week though, so I should be getting to bed since I've been up since then, but I'm going to enjoy the quiet for a moment.

Nap times are terrible still.  I resorted to a car nap Tuesday, which also put Eleanor to sleep.

Nursing sessions are getting stretched out a little.

She had carrots last week, and peas,  and then carrot and peas mixed together (gotta start slow).  Tonight I gave her half a mum mum because I was trying to finish dinner (she was right next to me and I was watching) but she did fine and loved it!

She gave her first real laugh last night.  Like a giggle.  I melted, pulled out the phone and made Eleanor do what she was doing again to get Mallory to laugh.  How sweet is it that it was Eleanor that made her laugh first?  I mean I would have loved that honor, but I love that it was Eleanor because I love their bond.