Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Purex Laundry App & Ipad mini giveaway

Purex has a new app to help with laundry. It has some really cool features.

It has a stain guide, in which you choose a category (like food, arts and crafts, household etc...) the type of stain (blood, chocolate, grease etc..) and the type of fabric (cotton, wool, rayon etc...) and it will give you the best solution for treating it.

There is a fun mix and match game as well, which I might have played for a while trying to beat my score. :)

It's available for both apple and android devices.  Click the links below the image to download

Links to download: Android & Apple

AAAANNNNDDD as a bonus, purex is giving away an ipad mini!  Click the link below the picture to enter!

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