Friday, September 23, 2016

35 weeks ~Mallory~

Sleep:  We are sill struggling at night getting her to sleep (and be we I mean me because Rob crashes in Eleanor's bed with her almost every single night).

And as if spending hours every night wasn't enough, she's up around 5:30 every single morning (plus a wakeup around 3ish).   I can nurse her and lay her in bed with me and she might give me another 45 minutes.

Oh and she only napped in short spurts for the majority of the week.  I'm so tired.

But Tuesday night she went to bed on the first attempt and slept for several hours, and although Wednesday night after finally getting her to bed she slept until 5:30 in her bed.

We did spend on night in a hotel and she spent that night in bed with me.

Apples were new I think.
I'm not sure if she's had pizza before but she enjoyed gnawing on a crust.
Ritz style crackers.
Frozen waffles

She is making the best expressions lately.  I'm constantly cracking up!
I went to the grocery store on Sunday.  I fed her and she fell asleep and I left.  She slept most of the time and did okay with Rob while I was gone.  Then Monday I had to go get a tooth fixed and my mother in law watched her and she did okay then too!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

34 Weeks ~Mallory~

Sleep:  We've had a few rough nights.  Like hours to get her to settle down.  It's been exhausting.

Food:  I don't know.  I'm terrible at keeping track but she eats it all.   Raspberries are probably her favorite.  She loved pasta salad.

  She pulled herself up once onto a toy from a sitting position.  I came back into the room and was shocked.

I shouldn't have been because that week she pulled herself up over a ledge/rail on a toy at the museum and fell a few feet onto the floor (she's fine but I felt horrible)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

33 Weeks ~Mallory~

Naps are getting better.  I sometimes resort to the carrier, but if I can nurse her to sleep and lay her in the crib and she will stay sleeping she might go an hour or so. 
Even nighttime sleep is a little better.  She still wakes up once or twice before really settling down for the night but she goes back down with just a little rocking/swaying.

We were at my parents cabin over the weekend and she slept terrible, but the pack n play isn't super comfy so I don't blame her.

I've been throwing cherrios at her lately to keep her entertained while I try to eat (not literally throwing of course).  She doesn't usually manage to get them into her mouth but when she rarely does she seems to enjoy them.

She bit me while nursing this week.  Three times.  And then hasn't since.

She ate steak and really enjoyed it. Like gummed at it for a long time until she dropped it and it was all over.

She's getting better at sitting unassisted which is nice.  I tried her in a shopping cart and she wobbled a little bit did okay.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Premama Lactation Mix

This post was sponsored by Premama as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

True Story:  I couldn't swallow pills until I was 27.  I was pregnant with Eleanor and had low progesterone and I had to swallow pills to get those levels up.   Since then I have had no problems, but Pre-Mama would have come in handy for me when I needed a prenatal vitamin. 

Premama is a multivitamin in a powdered mix form, and I found mine right in the vitamin section at Meijer. 

It was easy to find and the lactation blend which I picked up when it was $4 off (it will also be $4 off from September 12-25 as well as savings ranging for $3 to $5 on other blends).  There are also mixes to take before pregnancy as well as during.

I don't have an over supply over milk, but I have a daughter who is growing fine and having adequate output so I know that I have enough to meet her needs.

I don't pump often so I'm not sure what would be 'normal' for me to produce- although not be able to pump much doesn't mean your baby doesn't get enough milk.  For me I just don't respond well to the pump, but I like to pump a few times a month to have milk on hand just in case or to mix with oatmeal for Mallory.   I can generally get about 5 oz in 30 minutes on one side (I only do one at a time).

This was done in 24 minutes. 

I didn't try supplements to increase milk production with either girl because I felt like it was to time consuming to figure out what to take, how much to take and finding the time to go get the ingredients or make some recipe.    Premama lactation makes it so easy.  The blend comes in a single use packet.
You can mix it with any cold or room temperature (no hot) non carbonated beverage or blend it into a smoothie.  My blender is broken so I wasn't able to try it this way.

I choose to blend it in a glass of water.  It does need to be mixed up well because I still had sediment in the bottom of my glass (my fault for not mixing it well).  It tastes sweet, and not at all like I expected.

I did notice my stomach felt kind of upset while drinking it the first time, but this is a side effect listed on the box.  It wasn't horrible;l I just drank slowly.

I've never felt my let down when I nurse, I don't have leaky boobs, so like with pumping it's hard to tell what my supply is like.  I drank my Premama mix in the morning and later that afternoon, I kind of had a tingly feeling and my breast felt fuller (like they do sometimes if it's been a while since Mallory nursed).   I wasn't sure if it was coincidence or what so I tried the mix again a day later.

The second time I tried it, I waited a while and pumped to see if it had a effect on that.  While I didn't pump more, I did pump it in less time, so to me it did make a difference.

Premama products contain levels of folic acid equal or greater to OTC brands as well as non-constipating iron and omega 3 fatty acids that are often only available in prescription prenatal vitamins.

For me this isn't a product I would use all the time, because I don't have supply issues, but if I planned to pump to leave Mallory (which will never happen because she won't let me), or did have supply issues I would use this consistently.

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For more information or to find Premama check out the links below.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

32 Weeks ~Mallory~

I tried a teeny tiny bit of peanut butter, and she did okay with it.  No reaction that I noticed.
She liked cucumber slices.

If I can get her asleep, always by nursing still, and get her to lay in her crib she will usually give at least one hour nap.  She'll cry when I lay her down most times but if I can run out of the room and she settles back down we will be good for a little bit.

If all else fairs usually persistence and a carrier helps. 

If I leave her in the living room to go down the hallway she will crawl after me now.  She's been crawling into Eleanor's room to play and all over the kitchen.  I was already pretty vigilant about scanning the floor for things, but I've amped it up now that she doesn't stick to one room. 

Rob was gone one night and they really needed baths so I used a bath seat and Mallory did okay in it.  Eleanor wanted to help and squirted water in her face and scared her so after that it was all over.  I also gave her a sink bath for the first time (I'd never even done that with Eleanor).