Tuesday, September 17, 2013

~38 Week Update~

It's my birthday (and my dads!) today!

How far along:  38 weeks

Baby Size:  

Weight:  It was up again.  It's right around the 35 lbs gained mark.


  • Restless legs.  Rob told me I was annoying him the other day because it was 10:45 and I wouldn't sit down and relax.  I just couldn't sit.
  • Itchy belly
  • Insomnia
  • Nauseousness 

Maternity Clothes:  If it doesn't have a stretchy waist I'm not fitting into it. Or I just don't to wear it.  Anything tighter I can't stand.  I wore yoga pants to the grocery store the other day.  It was 7 on a Sunday night.  Rob didn't want me to, but I'm nine months pregnant and don't care.  I saw a few people I knew actually.  But no one better say anything to me for wanting to be comfortable :)

Sleep:  I have developed this wierd sleep thing.  As if my sleep wasn't already messed up enough, I will get up, go to the bathroom, go back to sleep and then wake up 10 minutes later.  I can fall back asleep the second time, but it's annoying.

Cravings/Food Aversions:  

Yummy Jonamac Michigan Apples!

Belly Button: I don't think it popped out, but it's flat. 

Rings on or off: Off.  I feel like an unmarried underage (because I look young) mother most of the time.  If I'm with Rob than it's not so bad.

Gender:  Girl

Name:  Eleanor Rose

Movement: I've said before I think it's hilarious when she moves my stomach.  She did it a few days ago and I laughed.  Rob looked over and saw it.  I thought he had seen the alien-esqe movements, but I guess not.  The look on his face was awesome. It was like a disgusted, oh my word, what was that look.  

Stretch Marks: All over, but I don't think I've developed any new ones in the last week. 

Best moment: Not related to her, but celebrating my birthday and my sister in laws on Saturday

Looking forward to:  Meeting her

Nervous about: Money, being on my own with a newborn

What I miss:  

  • Bending over.  I need one of those little grabber picker upper things. 
  • Sleeping
  • Walking without pain

Labor signs: So many braxton hicks

Appointments:  Later this afternoon

Misc. I have some sort of bladder infection or Uti.  I started to have pain when I peed on Sunday night.  It was very sudden and so I called yesterday and had my urine tested and the doctor called in a antibiotic prescription (which turns my pee orange like a pumpkin).  I saw the lab results this morning and my white blood cell count is really high (the normal range is 0-5, mine was 41).  Dr. google says that means an infection.  Obviously. So I'll follow up with that at my appointment this afternoon and see what they say. 


  1. I love Arrested Development. Yay baby! So soon! Or in 3 weeks :)

  2. You are so adorable and all baby! I felt the same way about yoga pants. The maternity ones were so comfy! Thank you for linking up to Mommy Monday every week! Can't wait to hear about your birth story! Xoxo


  3. It's been 2 months since my baby's been born and I'm still loving those stretchy waisted yoga pants. I've decided that I'm wearing them until they wear out and when baby #3 comes, God willing, I'll be able to buy new ones. Thanks for linking up at the mixer this week, Kelly.