Monday, September 29, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 51 weeks

51!!! That's one week away from 52 (duh) which is one year.  I'm going to end the weekly pictures (which are so tough now) and updates, but I'll probably still do monthly or bi-monthly updates.  I'll do photo dumps often though because I like to show off my baby.  You can always follow me on instagram as well. 

For a while she was saying 'mama' and 'uh-oh' and then kind of stopped for a few weeks, but she's been saying them again.

We went to a family member's wedding on Saturday and she was so good!  It was in the upper level of a barn so she was held the whole time, but between Rob, my sister and my parents she was entertained.  The snacks I packed probably didn't hurt either.

I really have to get better about feeding her more solids.  She still loves to nurse, and so I fall into the its easier to nurse routine, but with her getting older she needs it more. 

It's been better this week. She still is up once a night to nurse but usually she can fall back asleep.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Little Acorn Boutique Shop Spotlight

* I received this item for review.  No other compensation was given.*

I came across this shop initially because I entered a giveaway on instagram and when I started getting the pictures in my feed I just loved the fun prints.

So I contacted the shop owner Krisit and asked if she was interested in a review and was excited when she agreed to make and send a pair for Eleanor.  I love to dress up Eleanor and love when I can find items that no one else has even more.


So Eleanor really didn't care as much about the leggings when they arrived, but she loved the card that came with them.  She made a beeline straight for it.

(I apologize for the lack of quality images below.  Getting a baby on the move all the time to not be on the move is pretty tough.  I tried!)

First off these pants are even more adorable in person than in a picture!  I love the peachy color and the pattern.  Rob's a hunter so it was a fun way to kind of recognize that but still keep it girly.  I'm really hoping they will still fit in the fall when deer season opens.

I think that they will because as you can see in some of the images they are a little long.  This isn't a fault of Kristi, the maker of these wonderful things; I asked for a 12 month size because sometimes Eleanor can fit into that size and with cloth diapers they add a little bulk to them. 

They were very soft and have stretch to them so they will be comfortable. 

Eleanor has become very mobile lately so a pair of pants that can stand to a lot of wear (especially on the knees) is super important. 

Around the waist they fit snugly enough that I don't feel like they are going to fall down, but with enough room so they aren't to tight and that she still has room to grow.  Does that make sense?  The images below kind of show a gap in the back of the pants to show what I'm talking about.

Eleanor seems pretty happy in them.  I had them on her when my mom came over to babysit her, and later that day my sister in law and her kids came over and she got lots of compliments on how cute she looked (sidenote:  I want to find another coordinating solid top or onesie to pair them with other than white.  Suggestions?).  And when I posted a picture on instagram of her in them I got the same 'those are so cute!' reaction.

The craftsmanship of the pants is well done.  I've seen some pants where the patterns on the pieces didn't line up, and while that's okay sometimes, in some pants it doesn't look right, but these didn't have that issue.  The stitching was great (I have an inability to sew a straight line so I'm impressed). 

She's worn them a couple of times so they have been washed a few times. They didn't fray, threads didn't come lose and they didn't fade at all. 

Rob's a hunter and these leggings were a fun way to incorporate that but still keeping it girly.

You can find your own adorable pair through her instagram page or Etsy shop.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Eleanor update: 50 weeks

Yes, the weeks now start with a 5.  Make it stop!!

I tried this fruit puree mix that I was sent for review.  It was apple and aronia berry.  I'd never even heard of aronia berries, but it was pretty good.

I tried jonamac apples with her but she just decided to shove a bunch of pieces in her mouth and then gag so that didn't work out so well.

So I've maybe mentioned she likes to eat purees with her fingers, but here is a new way of eating them (and she was a mess)

She's developed a bit of a temper when I take something from her.  It's really kind of funny.  Yesterday I let her hold onto the bag with her hairties to keep her entertained while I put her hair in pigtails and then when I took the bag away from her she laid her head down on the floor and cried. 

She's also started to 'talk' on the phone.  See the video below. 

We went to Bronner's for my birthday last week.  It was a fun time, except that Eleanor did not sleep at all.  She was up until 11 and then up every hour until 6 am.  I ended up bed sharing with her for a while, but I slept terribly. 

Part of the reason was she got tooth number three (on the top).  I don't think her bottom teeth were this bad.  Ibuprofen and acetaminophen were lifesavers here.

My great grandma passed away and her funeral was last week.
But she still left a birthday card and money for Ellie. :)

As I mentioned above we had a rough night at the hotel, but thankfully she got back on her normal routine pretty quickly.

That is until last night.  She went to bed like normal but was up at 3.  Not really a big deal, I fed her and figured she'd fall back asleep.  Only she didn't.  She partied until after 5.  I was so frustrated.  I'd fed her, changed her, gotten her asleep only to have her wake up as soon as I laid her down. I'd given Tylenol in case it was teething related.   Finally I nursed her and let her snooze on me and then transferred her and she slept for a few hours.

It wrecked my day because it's now 3pm and I've just gotten dressed, done one small load of laundry and that's about it.