Monday, February 29, 2016

Favorite Pictures of My Girls ~ Mommy Monday Link Up

Picking out my favorite pictures is easy.  I love them all.  They showcase personality, appearance, and all the little details that make up memories.  But this post would take hours to look through so I narrowed it down.  


Mallory was a whole lot easier because at only a month old I don't have many 

Friday, February 26, 2016

5 Weeks ~ Mallory

She's had a few rough days where it was lots of crying and nursing constantly for hours.  I couldn't put her down or pass her off.  I love that she needs me, but I need food and the bathroom every so often too.

We were able to get outside a few times this week.  I bundled her up really well, put her in the carseat and then used the stroller or wagon.  The fresh air was really good for me (I hadn't been out since Christmas) and Eleanor loved it.  It's time to get a double stroller or something now that it will eventually get warm out.

She got to meet Rob's boss and his wife (who happen to be my brother in laws parents also).  They came bearing gifts (diapers for Mallory and play-doh and a coloring book for Eleanor - she got the better deal, lol!).  I love showing her off too. 

I tried to weigh her Monday because that was her one month birthday -say what?!?  I weighed me holding her and not holding her and the difference was 10 and 1/2 pounds.  So that would mean she gained 2 pounds in a a week and a half.

I think she's starting to get more predictability with naps.  I have no idea how many or much she should be sleeping, but I notice naps are nearish to the same time.   It's harder to get her sleeping  when Eleanor is in her face though.

Monday, February 22, 2016

1 month~Mallory

I blinked and a month went by.

She loves to comfort nurse in the evenings.  Only the evenings.  Usually when I want to go to bed.  But she is averaging 3 hours between feeds during the day and 3-4 at night.  This seems a long time to me, but she's having the dirty/wet diapers so I let it go. 

I pumped today for the first time.  I was nervous because pumping wasn't easy with Eleanor and Mallory had nursed a few hours before but I did okay.  I don't plan on Rob giving Mallory more than an ounce to start but I want her to be okay with bottles.  Eleanor was good at first but I had clogged ducts and stopped giving her them and she never wanted them after that so I won't do that again.

I think it's time to retire newborn one piece sleepers and pants (onesies are still okay) and I could probably go into size one diapers but I want to use the newborn ones first.

She's not good at burping.  Nursing longer stretches than I feel like she should be going but she's doing fine and having output so I don't worry about it.

She's a loud baby.  She makes a lot of noise when sleeping and several people have commented on it.

Eleanor still adores her.  I knew she would after an initial period of jealousy, but she has yet to show jealousy which has surprised me a little.    She get's so excited when Mallory opens her eyes.

Mallory sometimes will sleep on my chest in my bed, something I allow way more than I did with Eleanor.  Usually though she prefers to sleep in the crook of my arm when in my bed.

She is also particular in how she's held.  She doesn't like to be held in a cross cradle position.  She fusses until she's put upright.  If I set he on the playmat or changing table she will stretch out, and give a content like sigh and just be happy.

She loves her bouncer (but don't put her in here on vibrate after eating).

I tried weighing her last night and today by weighing myself and then holding her and both times was a 10 ish pound difference so I'm guessing she's 10 lbs.  That makes sense right to use that method?  But 10 lbs!?!

Friday, February 19, 2016

4 weeks ~ Mallory

She's still fussy and loves to comfort nurse in the evenings, but usually during the day she's good.
 She's gone a few 4 hour stretches and quite a few 3. 

She has a few newborn outfits that I 'may' be able able to get one more use out of.

We went to story time at the library this week and visited Rob at work yesterday.  I needed that get out of the house time. 

I went out with some friends for a drink on Monday.  I left both girls with Rob and even though I was nervous because I didn't have pumped milk (other than a few ounces from last summer) it was fine.  I fed her before leaving and told Rob to call me as soon as she was acting hungry and I could be home in just a few minutes.  But I made it home even before that happened.  I wasn't worried Rob couldn't handle it, only worried because she might get hungry.  But we all survived and I got some needed grown up time.

I do plan on pumping soon though.  I got my insurance covered pump so I have a back up if needed.

She's tough to burp which then leads to fussiness, but I've mentioned that before.

The other day I put her in a pants/shirt combo for the first time (as opposed to sleepers and onesies) and it was a mistake.  I was nursing her and she had a blowout.  Like leak out her pants onto the nursing pillow and keep leaking.  I'm glad Rob was around because he wiped some of it up so I could at least stand up and not worry about running seedy yellow poop getting all over.

My grandmas sent some clothes over this week with my mom and my aunt brought over a few outfits today for her too.  I feel bad sometimes because I haven't really bought anything for Mallory (other than a few outfits and a baby book).  Second child plus same sex child problems. Lol.  So I love that she is still getting a few new to her things. I'm sure that's ridiculous but still, she deserves new things too. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Three Week Update ~ Mallory

Some of her newborn sized clothes are starting to get snug.

I need to get more newborn diapers though since I'm almost out.  I tried a size one earlier this week and it was still way to big.  

She's had a few times where she's gone 4 hours between feeds (start to start time) and sometimes she will go an hour and half so still no consistency.  I would say average is 2 1/2 hours though.

She's been fussier this week so I think she's having some sort of digestive/gas issues.

I would also bet some of the fussiness is because it's hard for her to sleep when Eleanor is in her face waking her up all the time.

Still no real weight change for me.  I know I shouldn't care and it's only been three weeks but I don't like it anymore.  I'm still not going to diet or watch what I eat yet.  I'll start that in March.  It's hard to exercise though because it is still winter her in Michigan.  I just don't like that flab of skin that hangs over.

Nursing is still going well.  She's gaining weight well (she was 8 lbs 6 oz).  I've had a few instances where I've leaked milk but that's generally not an issue.  She still does the latching on and off thing which is annoying.  I get that it would make sense if I had a quick letdown and it was squirting but it doesn't.  I do think it does get fast because she does start gulping/choking.