Thursday, September 19, 2013

Need Health Insurance?

I am really thankful for Rob having great insurance through his job because having health insurance is super important.  When I graduated college and was no longer able to be on my parents plan, and didn't have the option for coverage through work I had to find a plan.  

I knew I was fairly healthy and just needed something that would cover basic health maintenance, such as yearly exams. 

I found and signed up for my first plan using the website.  When the premiums went up a year later and were more than I could afford, I went back to the site and found another plan that fit my needs.

When Rob switched jobs and we needed dental insurance ehealthinsurance also helped.  Our current dental plan is one that we found through the website as well.

I really do think this website is fantastic and love that it is free to use.  It's been really helpful to me and if you need health insurance, long term or short term (which I have also used) visit using the link below. 

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