Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Puffs Fresh Faces Review

* I was sent a product to review.  All opinions are my own*

Recently Puffs joined with Little Busy Bodies (who manufacturer Boogie Wipes) and that contributed to the creation of the fresh faces line of products.

All the products use saline which is a natural mineral that thins and breaks up mucus. Saline is also hypo-allergenic.  Learn more about saline here.

I rarely wear makeup.  In part because I don't usually go anywhere where I feel the need to wear makeup, and I'm just to lazy to take it off at night.  But really I'm just to lazy in general to wash my face every night (even if I don't wear makeup).  I know that's a bad habit to have.

I have used other brands of makeup removal and face wipes in the past, and they worked well, so I was excited to try Puff's version and see how it compared.

I was impressed, and while I won't post the picture of the wipe after I used it, it cleaned my face and took off all my makeup easily.

The wipes seem small, but once unfolded they were more than large enough to clean my face.

Not only do they have the face wipes, they also have nose wipes.  Seeing how we are heading into cold season, and I'm about to have a newborn, I'm going to do all I can to minimize the germs she will be exposed to.

The nose wipes were really gentle on my face and would be great to have on hand during a cold or even if a person had allergies, like Rob does.  Even the softest of tissues sometimes can hurt a nose that is red from being stuffed or runny.

The wipes come in a variety of scents, and none of them were overpowering.

I would absolutely recommend this product.  I'm all about making my life easier and this product is very convenient. As I mentioned earlier they are hypo allergenic and will be safe for Rob, baby girl and I to all use which is great to not need separate products for all of us.

I love how pretty it looked when it arrived!

Lots of fun goodies! 

To learn more about the different products and to get a coupon visit puffs fresh faces website.

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