Saturday, June 29, 2013

Winning & Wrapping it up

I'm not very consistent about the weekly wrap-up.  I try to be, but then feel like I don't have anything new to add so I just don't.

1) My best friend was in town this past week.  It was nice to visit with her.  She was just her in March and actually will be back in August for our 10 year class reunion and then sometime in October to meet baby Eleanor.   She takes the mega bus which means it takes longer to get here but it is  ridiculously cheap and that was she can come more often. 

2) After not really winning anything for a few weeks (I won a bottle and breast milk cleaning soap from Medela last week, which came 2 days later.  Awesome!) this week made up for it.

On Tuesday
I won a $30 gift card to etsy shop Jameson Monroe. Normally I think these headbands are obnoxious, but I'm changing my mind.  Adorable.  Now I have to decide on which ones I want to get.

Then I won a $100 amazon gift card
And then I won a nuby pacifier from a contest they did on Facebook.

On Wednesday I won my choice of $25 to amazon or paypal.  I choose paypal option. Thanks to the amazon gift card I won and the ones that I have earned from swagbucks (Sign up here), I felt like I have a good balance going and wanted paypal because it's a little more versatile.

3) We were given a rocking chair from the neighbors at my parent's cabin.  It's small and that means it will fit into her room if that's where we choose to keep it.  I just need to get cushions for it.  I also kind of want to paint or stain it, but I'm sure I would mess it up and don't want to chance it. 

4) I worked a shorter work week, because I had Monday and Tuesday off from Job #1.   I was still tired, but the kids were so awesome on Friday.  I kept waiting for some sort of fight or something, but nope.  They helped each other out when needed, did their chores without me having to say anything and when we needed to go to the Library to return books and movies they didn't complain or whine.  I know this won't be an everyday thing, but it was great.

5) My baby shower invitations for my dad's family shower went out this week.  Eeek!  It's real now.  And I'm grateful that the only things that we really only need are a car seat (which I don't expect anyone to buy for us since it is expensive) and diapers (both disposable and cloth).  The rest is small stuff like bath toys, sleep sacks, changing pad/covers, etc...

6) Last night we went out to dinner with my sister's brother in law, his wife, and their son who is 2 1/2.  (Note her brother in law is also Rob's boss, although they were friends before working together, and I'm never quite sure how to refer to him as). Regardless it was fun.  We went to a Thai place and even mild my rice had a little spice to it, but it wasn't so much I couldn't eat it.  Then we went to this place called The Pump House.  I had no idea it existed.  You pick your flavor of frozen yogurt and then your toppings and there were a ridiculous amount that ranged from fruit to candy to cereal to baking things (like chocolate chips and marshmallows etc..).  I went with strawberry flavor and added chocolate chips, cherry chips and a little chocolate syrup.  I got a small amount and still felt ill because of the dairy.  But it was delicious and worth it.  Rob went a little crazy on the toppings. If you follow me on instagram (if not, see right top sidebar) you saw the picture already.  It's not the cheapest place, but it was fun and I'd like to go again.

7) This morning we took my niece to see Despicable Me 2.  It was another movie that I had gotten free tickets too.  I thought I learned my lesson last time with the Fast and the Furious and wanted to get there early.  We got there 20 minutes before start time and the only seats were in the first 2 rows.  Then my niece wanted popcorn and something to drink.  So $20 and 25 minutes in line later we missed the first few minutes of the movie.  I also didn't know it was going to be in 3D.  But it was a really cute movie and she had a lot of fun.  After the movie we stopped by Sam's Club because I needed a few essentials (toilet paper, paper towels, ground beef etc.).  Rob and Kayleigh were ridiculous.  They would run away from me and think it was hilarious that I couldn't catch up to them.  I love watching them together though and I get all warm fuzzies and can't wait to see Rob with Eleanor and get to do fun stuff with her. 

8) I've been eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lately.  I used the last of the homemade jelly I bought which is was superior to store bought jelly.  I mentioned last week I was going to go strawberry picking and I got up early Thursday to go.  I got to the place (about 10 minutes away) and walked down the aisles and waited for the worker to show me where to pick.  While waiting I turned and saw my dad.  So I walked over to say hi.  He had a container of berries that he told me he picked for my sister and I.  Sweet!  And when I said at least let me pay for them, he said nope.  So I didn't have to pick and I didn't have to pay for them.  I love my dad.
I made some jam, froze some mashed strawberries for future jam use, froze some whole berries, ate some and still had leftover berries. 

9)  I know I shouldn't worry, but I've become nervous about my gaining weight lately so I've been trying to walk more.  As I'm walking I noticed that even my shadow looks pregnant. Haha.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kinderfeets Blogger Opportunity

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monday Quiz About Me

I saw this posted over on Acting Balanced and thought it looked like fun.  

1. June 26th is Forgiveness Day - will you be participating?  Forgiving someone else or asking for forgiveness?
I do have a friend who I let our relationship slip away.  She only called me when she wanted/needed a baby sitter (always last minute as well).  I tried for a while to keep up the friendship, but I gave up and never said anything.  She never calls me, but I still feel like I owe her some sort of explanation.

2. Do you play card games?  Which ones are your favorite?

I don't play very many.  No one will teach me.  I can rock Phase 10 & Uno.

3. What is your favorite flavor of Birthday Cake?

Vanilla or Funfetti

4. Do you like amusement park rides?  What is your favorite?  If not, why not?

I do like them, but the older I've gotten I can't do them anymore.  I get dizzy real easily.  I love the ones that flip you upside down.  
Raptor at Cedar Point.

Acting Balanced

Monday, June 24, 2013

Double Digits & 26 Week Update

How far along: 26 weeks and am now down to double digits (today is 98 days until due date).
Uh what?

Baby Size:  A scallion in length (appx. 14 inches)

Weight:  I'm getting to the point I don't even want to share.  This week I thought I was doing well.  And then the scale was up 2 1/2 lbs.  I'm up 20.  I'm nervous at this point I'm going to hit 50 lbs, which at this rate is possible.   

I think part of it is from pop.  I used to drink diet, but switched to regular pop, which obviously has calories.

I know some will say not to worry about it, but I know I don't need to gain that much.

Though honestly I feel like I got a lot bigger in this last week so they weight gain shouldn't surprise me really.  Before the gain was more gradual and this week it was all like hello!  Maybe it's because I'm really starting to feel the aches and pains that I feel that way.


  • Lot's of hip pain when I stand up or walk
  • Back pain
  • Peeing a lot, day and night
  • Restless legs/arms
  • Skin tags, I've noticed a few

Maternity Clothes:  Rob bought me some maternity clothes at Burlington on Friday.  I got 6 new tops, a pair of casual shorts (like yoga style) and a pair of jean shorts and it only cost around $70.  I fully planned on buying them myself, but he got his card out and told me he would get it.  Major points for him!

I want to get another maxi dress (which is sometimes tough for me to find because I'm short), and a few misc things, but I'm okay on tops probably.  Who knows though, because I hear just when you think you can't get any bigger you do.

And I bought a pair of shorts to sleep in at Target the other day.  I bought non-maternity in a large.  I only got one pair because I thought I had a pair at home that worked.  When I tried them on last night I realized that pair is only going to work for another week or two.

Sleep:  Still in 2 hour stretches.  I'm really contemplating taking unisom.

Cravings/Food Aversions:  I had the milk issue for a while, but over the weekend I think it switched to all dairy and I am not okay with that.   All summer with no ice cream.  Nuh-uh!

Belly Button:  In

Rings on or off: On

Gender:  Girl

Name:  Eleanor Rose

Movement: She's picked up again her frequency and strength.  Less of the rolling, butterfly feeling and more thumps and pokes.  Feeling her move makes me smile.  I'm that cheesy pregnant lady now. 

Stretch Marks: I haven't seen any yet. 

Best moment: My best friend visiting.  She even brought some super cute outfits for baby. Rob even said he really liked one, and he doesn't really get excited about them.  Saying he thought it was cute is excited for him.
And we got our registry done.
And Rob put up the wall plaques and decals.

Looking forward to:  Baby showers, hearing the heartbeat again.

What I miss:  Sleep is a given.  I miss being able to eat whatever and not worrying or wondering if I would feel sick from it.

Labor signs: I didn't notice any BH contractions this week.  My goal is 39 weeks. 

Appointments:  28 week checkup in 2 weeks. 

Misc.  I've been saving money and not really buying stuff for the baby.  I did buy a pack of wipes for under $2 the other day and some totes for her out of control clothes.  It's been a few weeks since I bought anything for her though.  

The only thing I really spend money on though is groceries (including medicine, toiletries etc..).  I'm really starting to worry about finances and how we are going to make this all work in the fall.  Before when I wasn't working it was only a full month (with a month of sporadic days as well).  I'll be done working end of August, and ideally would like to not have to work until after the holidays, which would make it four months of not working.

Plus naturally bills go up in the winter.  More heating costs, more electricity etc....

I'm really hoping I can breastfeed because at least it's free. I know it's better for the baby and that's another reason, but my biggest reason is it's free.  Is that really bad of me to think money over her well being first?

(Side note:  Google reader is going away next week.  If you follow my blog that way, there is an easy fix.  On the right side bar at the top you can find a rectangle icon that says 'follow this blog'.  Click that and it will direct you to blog lovin where you can follow.  You will have to sign up if you haven't already)

Swim, Sun and Fun Giveaway

A Ladybug on the Go
Hosted by

Summer is one of those exciting times of year no matter where you live or how old you are!  This giveaway  is about celebrating the season in every way.  Prizes include outdoor games, pool/beach gear, vacation essentials, outdoor sporting goods and more.......

There are so many great prizes in this giveaway.  I know that I would love to have any of the fun outdoor games for get together's at the family cabin.  There isn't much to do there, and I get bored easily.  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday.  Happy Birthday mom!  I love you!

Thank you for the love and support you've shown me throughout the years.  I appreciate it more than you could know.  I know I can always count on you when I need something.  You bring me things when I'm sick (a perk to living so close) and are always trying to send home food with me when I come over, among other things to clutter up my house. :) You make me laugh. 

You are a great mom and a great grandma, and I can't wait to give you another granddaughter. 


And I leave this post with this....

While I doubt this is her reaction to today, but I think it's to funny not to share. :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

25 weeks

How far along:  25 weeks

Baby Size:  Cauliflower

Weight:  up another 2lbs this week.  Total 16.5, Waaah!


  • I was doing okay with the restless arms/legs for most of the week and then it started up again Sunday night.  Ugh.
  • Getting lots of pain in the back, hips and butt. 

Maternity Clothes:  I'm pretty sure I need new bra's again, and new underwear.  I guess my butt grew.

Sleep:  I had a couple of 3 hour stretches this last week.  I went back to work last week so I have been exhausted.

Cravings/Food Aversions:  

  • Enjoying pb&j's, but I am out of the homemade jelly I made last year.  I didn't make a lot, but I forgot how yummy it was.  Store bought can't compare.  Luckily strawberry season is starting and  I plan on making lots. Or at least that is the plan.
  • Milk has become a problem with the acid reflux so I can't really drink it anymore. 

Belly Button:  It's getting shallow, but still got a ways to go.  Maybe it will pop out after all. 

Rings on or off: They are starting to get a little snug

Gender:  Girl

Name:  Eleanor Rose

Movement: She was really quiet over the weekend, and I got nervous.  Finally I got a few thumps Sunday night.  Not much, but enough to make me feel better. 

Stretch Marks: I haven't seen any. 

Best moment:  Father's day and spending time with our dad's

Looking forward to:  My best friend will be in town this weekend!  And Rob and I are going to register this weekend.

What I miss:  Sleeping next to Rob.  We sleep in seperate rooms most nights.  I get it, but I like having him next to me.

Labor signs: Some braxton hicks this last week

Appointments:  July 9

Misc.  I passed the glucose test, but my hemogloblin levels came back low so I am on an iron supplement now. Oh and it makes my poop black. Kind of worried me the first time, and the second.  Dr. google to the rescue.  Haha.

I tried organizing baby girl's clothes.  I realized Carter brand 3 month is basically the same as their nb which is good in the sense that I don't really need anymore pants in the 0-3 month range.  Or at least I think so.  I need a lot of tops or onesies in that size range, but I think I'm okay on pajama's and bottoms.  I'm okay on newborn as well.  
The last bag of clothes we got had a adorable jean mini skirt in it.  I'm loving it and can't wait to put it on her.  Rob thinks it will not be appropriate.  So I said "Fine I'll just change her before you get home before work", to which he responded that I'm already teaching her defiance.  Whatever!  :)  She's gonna look super cute in it. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Milky! Momma Giveaway


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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cascade #MyPlatinum #Sponsored

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I posted last week about how I was excited to try the Cascade platinum dish washing pacs.  Of all the chores that need to be done, dishes are the most dreaded for me.  I'll take laundry, vacuuming or dusting any day if I can avoid dishes.  Luckily, for the most part anyway, two people don't make a ton, although I suspect with a baby on the way, the amount might increase. 

When I first received them and ran my first load without the usual pre-rinsing and I was impressed, and the second load I ran with them impressed me as well. My glasses didn't have water spots on them like with the powder detergent that I usually use.  Even the dishwasher itself did look cleaner which is a perk of the product. 

As an experiment I ran the third load using my regular detergent, and I was not as happy with the results.  The water spots were back and some dishes needed to be re-washed. 

The Cascade Pacs eliminate the need to pre-rinse, and can remove food that has been sitting on dishes for up to a day among other things, and I've certainly found this to be true. 

They retail from around $4.29 for a 14 pack to 12.49 for a 43 pack, which equals about .30 a load and for the convenience of having everything in one pack is worth it.  I would absolutely buy these and for a girl who usually buys the cheap store brand detergent it says a lot.  

Cascade is sponsoring a instagram contest.   This is a four-week Instagram contest encouraging fans to upload photos related to the weekly contest themes. 

Visit the contest landing page ( for information on how to
enter and submit images.  If you don't have an instagram account already this will ask you to sign up for one. It is required to participate

Each week will have a 6-day entry period where Instagram users can enter the contest with their
#MyPlatinum Photo. Cascade will choose two weekly winners to win a Whirlpool dishwasher and one final grand prize winner will with a kitchen makeover after the entry period has ended.
Please be sure to include both the #MyPlatinum hashtag and tag @MyCascade in your entries to the contest! 
· Week 1: My Platinum Plate (Entry Period: 6/3-6/9)
Show us your best dish styled from the sparkling plate up!
· Week 2: My Platinum Bite (Entry Period: 6/10-6/16)
Show us your best bite and most creative use of sparkling silverware!
· Week 3: My Platinum Clink (Entry: 6/17-6/23)
Show us how you serve up creative concoctions in sparkling glasses. Cheers!
· Week 4: My Platinum Table (Entry Period: 6/24-6/30)
Show us your sparkling tablescape for your most special celebrations!
· Grand Prize Winner (Entry: 6/3-6/30)

Knowing that now, more than ever, people eat with their eyes, and the evidence is all over sites like Facebook and Instagram. Top Chef judge and editor of Food+Wine magazine, Gail Simmons, has
partnered with Cascade to discuss why presentation is just as important as preparation.

From prep to plating: It’s more than just a great-tasting recipe, but also perfect presentation.
Sparkling dishes, shining flat ware and spot-free glasses truly let you put your best food forward
with culinary creations that pop!

Gail recommends impressing with a Platinum Presentation: “The easiest recipes pop with
unexpected, gourmet presentations. Drizzle bright sauces on sparkling white plates or layer
desserts in crystal-clean glassware. Keep your presentation sparkling with Cascade Platinum,
which keeps dishes perfect for anytime entertaining and impromptu guests.”

Learn more about Cascade’s partnership with Gail Simmons by viewing videos available on the Link to
the Cascade Facebook page: and Cascade YouTube page:

For more information visit Cascade's website at:


Happy Father's Day


My dad and I share a birthday.  I was born 5 weeks early just to show up on his 30th birthday so we kind of have a unique bond. 
April 2011
Our birthdays in 2007
I'd guess this to be from the early 1990's.

My dad has always been involved in our lives.  And while that seems like an obvious statement  or one to be expected he was really active in participating.

My dad was the one who took us on little mini-vacations during spring breaks while my mom worked.  We went one time up north near Mackinac Island, one year I remember going up to Traverse City area.  Another year we went to the Detroit area.  I remember staying in a pink hotel that looked like a castle that had a tv in the bathroom (not sure why that stands out).

Our 5th grade tradition was to go to Chicago and visit the Museum of Science and Industry.  My dad went with all of us I believe and I still have memories of that trip.

So thank you dad for being so fantastic!

Special shout outs to my father in law for always welcoming me with open arms, my brother in law J who celebrates his first father day this year, and my brother in law C who isn't celebrating his first father's day ever, but his first with his sweet little girl.

And while Rob doesn't consider himself a father yet, a special shout out to him as well just because I think he will be a fantastic dad to baby Eleanor.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Week one back to work, check!

This week marked my first week back to work and I am exhausted. I'm enjoying both of my jobs though.

One of the jobs involves watching kids I watched for 5+ years, but it ended last summer when they went back to school.   The job is great because it was easy to fall back into a pattern and routine and the kids and I are familiar with one another.

The other is a family member of a family member and I am enjoying that one as well.  It takes a little bit more to figure out the kids personalities and quirks, but it's a change and I like it so far.

It's nice feeling like I am finally able to help financial, little as it may be, and it's nice to get out of the house although it leaves me no time for doing my internet earning sites and contest entering.  I am making money though so I suppose it's okay.  I do love getting free stuff though.  :)

I'll have the month of September to relax and finish up things, and then I'm hoping to be able to hold off until after the holidays to find  a job.

When I left work today this is how I felt.  TGIF!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Glucose Test Fail

(I'm not posting from my computer so I have no clue why the font and formatting is off)

So my plan for today was go to the lab to get the glucose stuff,  drink it, go to my appt and go back for blood work
(the lab & my office are in the same building) and then go to work.

I have a 9:30 appt and get to the lab about 9.  It's pretty busy, lots of of pregnant ladies hanging out, and its nearly
9:30 before I get taken back.

At this point I know I'm going to be late but what can I do? I don't want to come back after the appt and have
to wait another hour for my blood to be drawn.

Did I mention it was the first day of a new job? Or that I said I'd be there between 10:30 and 11?

So they get the drink (I had orange; honestly it wasn't that bad)  I drink it and the lady goes to take my blood.

I always have blood drawn from the same vein because it’s a easy vein and I've never had issues with it.  Apparently
I moved when the lab tech poked my arm and the vein rolled.  I've never had that happen before. So she's trying to
get back to it and then says I'm going to have poke a different vein.  Fine, it's not a big deal I say. She feels bad though.
So she is about to do the second vein when lab tech #2 comes in and says
"Isn't this a one hour draw? Why are you drawing beforehand?" 
Lab tech #1 'says "I thought I was suppose to."
Lab tech #2 "No that's only with a 3 hour draw."
Lab tech # 1 "I'm really sorry"
Me: "It's fine" (and it really wasn't a big deal (I don't have needle phobias); I'm more annoyed I'm late for
nothing), "I'll be back in an hour."

I goupstairs and have my appointment. Heart rate in 140's and measuring 24 1/2 weeks.  So right on track. Yeah!

I'm starting to feel a little nauseous, but I'm fine and go to check out. Then I start to feel really light headed and hot.
I take off my sweatshirt and even say something to the receptionist as I schedule my next appointment.

I barely acknowdge the front desk staff as they say goodbye and walk out and hit the elevator button debating whether
to sit down or just make it down to the lab which I decide is the better option.

The normally empty elevator is full and I don't acknowledge anyone in it and hold my checkout paper over my face trying to cool
myself off somehow.

I'm the first one out and by now I'm nervous because I feel dizzy and my vision is blurry.

I walk into the lab, tell them how I feel and they quickly find me a back room I can rest in.

The rest helps a lot.

Some random man walks in the room not knowing in in there, and quickly walks back out

The lab tech #2 comes to check on me once and then comes back after my hour to draw my blood

Lab tech #3 ends up doing it out if a different arm on the first try.

I'm still feeling a little dizzy but way better. It's 10:40 now.

I leave, and of course the person in front of me has issues leaving the parking ramp, but I make it out, drive as
quickly as I can and make it just as the clock turns 11.

All I can say is I better pass this test because the thought of doing the 3 hour one is making me anxious a little bit.

24 weeks-Viability!!

How far along:  24 weeks!

Baby Size: Cantaloupe

Weight:  Up 2+lbs this week.  I ate 4 donuts since Friday (oops) and didn't exercise much (I blame it on high pollen and seasonal allergies). I tried the wii fit in the last week. It told me I was overweight; no spot to mark pregnant. I'm up almost 15 total.

Acid reflux, Braxton Hicks, Restless leg & arm syndrome (picture me swinging me arms wildly in a dark living room at 2am, it's ridiculous)

Maternity Clothes:  Mostly yes.  A few tops and sweatpants are non-maternity.  I need some pajama bottoms that are maternity though.

Sleep:  I wish, but with the new symptoms it's gotten worse

Cravings/Food Aversions:  I have never been a milk drinker, but I've made an effort to drink more of it.  It's become a cause of my acid reflux I think, so I don't think drinking it is a good idea.

Belly Button: In

Rings on or off:

Gender:  Girl

Name:  Eleanor Rose

Movement: She moves around more now.  Still only when I'm sitting or laying down.  She's at her most active late at night, which makes me think she's going to take after Rob.  I was mentioning this to my mom and she said that even when she was pregnant with me I rarely moved after 9/9:30 at night.  Which sounds like me now.

Stretch Marks: I haven't seen any yet

Best moment: Hitting V-day!

Looking forward to:  Baby showers, meeting her,

What I miss:  Sleep

Labor signs: Some braxton hicks this week. 

Appointments:   I have my 24 week checkup and glucose test today.

Misc.  Every week that passes has me going "aah, I'm really going to have a kid soon" I'm excited, but I hit the "am I really ready stage?"
Post shower and still looking gross. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Swim, Sun & Fun Blogger Giveaway Opportunity

A Ladybug on the Go

Summer is one of those exciting times of year no matter where you live or how old you are!  This giveaway  will be about celebrating the season in every way.  Prizes may include outdoor games, pool or beach gear, vacation essentials, swimwear, outdoor sporting goods and More.......
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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

1) A couple of my good wins arrived this last week!  They have been far and few lately and so I get quite excited when the UPS or Fedex pulls into my driveway!
I got a $100 gift to Best Western Hotels.  Rob & I are excited to be able to go away somewhere for a night.  We aren't sure where yet though.
 I also got these things; a comfort and harmony swing and a comfort and harmony mombo nursing pillow (it came with a slipcover as well).
Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing in Sandstone Fashion
2) I posted already about these things, but I start working again next week.  More consistently anyway.  The last job was very sporadic.  These will be the same days and times (with a few expectations throughout the summer).  I'm looking forward to getting out of the house.

3) Speaking of the getting out of the house, this week has been tough on me.  I went to the gas station once and the bank once and that was it.  Gas prices are at $4.20 a gallon, and while my car gets decent mileage even driving to go to the store to look around is going to cost me $5 and so I am cheap and can't do it if I don't need to.  I didn't need anything so I stayed home

4) Because I stayed home, I only spent $1 this whole week.  And that was on 2 donuts yesterday.  It was national donut day and since that's been a craving of mine, I had to celebrate.  I intended to eat one for breakfast and one for lunch, but I may have eaten them both at breakfast, and shortly after regretted it.

5) I was accepted into a few blogging groups this week so I'm excited about the opportunities that will come along with that.  I like getting to try out new products.  I'm not paid for the review, other than in the sample itself, and my reviews are honest, but I've had success with the things I've tried so far.

6) I've been trying to step away from the computer and my contesting more.  I feel it's becoming an addiction of sorts. I love the fact that it's saved me money on gifts and things for the baby, but I'm finding I don't know what to do with myself when the internet isn't working or Rob is using the computer.   So I read a book this week (it was on a kindle, but close enough right?)

7) Because I enter a lot of contests, I follow some of the blogs via email and even with a separate account my email get's clogged up.  Now I usually delete those emails and I follow the blogs via bloglovin' which I have become a huge fan of (you can follow me on the right side bar at the top as well).  It's easy to use, and let's you mark a whole blog or individual posts as read or unread, and I like that.

That's all I can think of at the moment.  If you haven't already done so I have contests up on my right side bar to enter.  And if you could vote for me under the picket fence icon also on the right side bar I'd love it!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I’m a Cascade #MyPlatinum Ambassador!

I am participating in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own.

I hate doing dishes.  Even with a dishwasher it is my most dreaded chore, and I know I've mentioned it before. I don't mind laundry (I won't let Rob wash my clothes because I'm so particular), dusting, vacuuming etc... Looking at a sink full of dishes makes me cringe.  I'll even move the dishes to one side which overflows so that they aren't taking up both sides. 

When I was given the opportunity to review this product I was excited.  I like to think I don't need to pre-rinse them and I don't think I should have to, but with some things it is a necessity because we don't run the dishwasher everyday.   That goulash I made last week would have been a nightmare had I not soaked it beforehand. 

I usually buy the store brand or the cheapest powder detergent so trying these will be something new. 

This post will be the first in a series of posts about the product.  Cascade is also running a "my platinum  contest on instagram where you can win prizes. 

23 week update

How far along:  23 weeks

Baby Size:  grapefruit

Weight:  135.4, only up a quarter pound this week.  I ate much better this week.  I am home a lot so snacking when I was bored was part of the problem.  I cut back on that and tried to eat less junk.  I know it's okay to gain weight, but 2lbs a week for the last few weeks seemed like a bit much.


  • Hungry.all.the.time
  • Nauseous again.  That one started over the weekend. 
  • It's getting difficult to get up from sitting down.  I kind of have to do this whole roll thing to get momentum.  I'm not huge, but it's starting to be uncomfortable.
Maternity Clothes:  Mostly only maternity.  I do have a few skirts, and tops that are still working.  Everyday I seem to find something in my drawers/closet that doesn't fit anymore.  On the flip side I did find a pair of leggings, a tunic style top and a dress that still worked.  Yeah for that!

Sleep:  I had a few 2 hour stretches this week, but it's never enough.

Cravings/Food Aversions:  Chocolate (especially peanut butter cups), donuts.   My facebook followers saw this pic, but Friday Rob called on his way home and asked if I needed anything.  I told him if he stopped somewhere peanut butte cups sounded good, but not to make a special trip.  He came home with this.   I was a happy pregnant wife. :) 

Belly Button: In

Rings on or off: On

Gender:  Girl

Name:  Eleanor Rose

Movement: I felt her from the outside for the first time over the weekend.  I've been trying to get Rob to feel her, but when I move so he can, she stops.  Fickle girl. 

Stretch Marks: Not yet.  Rob keeps asking me if I've been putting something on my belly.  When I remember lotion after a shower I will, but otherwise no.  

Best moment:  Not baby related, but getting a source of income again! I now have 2 part time jobs this summer totaling about 28 hours. 

Looking forward to:  Viability, baby showers, meeting her

What I miss:  Bending forward, twisting at the waist.

Labor signs: I didn't notice any braxton hicks this week. 

Appointments:  Next week is my 24 week appt and the GD test. 

Misc.  Rob cracks me up.  I think he's proud of my growing belly.  Sometimes he'll look at me and be like "Wow, your really starting to show"

(This post, along with all my other weekly updates are linked up here)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Job update

I went to bed Saturday night totally stressing out about money. 

I've mentioned that at the moment we don't need much for the baby (car seat, clothes, diapers are top needs) and I attribute that to contest wins.  

We do need money for the bills that will start rolling in after birth and for the fact that we have car insurance which will be also due around the same time, on top of normal monthly bills. 

I was fortunate to pick up a one day a week job thanks to a family member of Rob's which will cover groceries, gas, and net flix. 

So Saturday night I was laying in bed mentally going over what I can sell, and what meals I can make from what we have.

Sunday I came home from church to a text from my former boss asking if I can watch the kids afternoons this summer.  When I went back to visit in April the mom mentioned it maybe happening.  I sent the mom a text a few weeks ago and didn't hear back, and then I actually visited last week and she said she wasn't sure what they were doing so I seriously started to look for something to get me through the summer. 

So I will work 4 afternoons (about 20 hours a week) which is great, not only for the financial aspect, but I miss those kids, watching them, and then the other day watching the other family all day. 

It will be busy, but I am ready for the chance to add some money to the savings.  I'm not planning on spending much of it however.  I'm looking forward to getting out of the house as well.

And so my lesson in trust and faith was renewed.  It came at a good time because this morning in the mail was a possible bill for labwork for $300+.  I'm going to resubmit it and see what happens. 

For the moment though I'm just going to be happy I can help contribute something again.