Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 9/28

1)  Last weekend was early doe season for hunting.  Rob went out Saturday morning and evening and saw nothing.  He wound up really frustrated and was ready to give up.  He went back out Sunday evening to a different spot and got his deer.  He sent me a text and I was so surprised because it took no time at all.
We don't eat venison, but it works well for us because Rob can donate the meat to the outreach my brother in laws mother runs.  It's a win because the outreach gets meat, I'm sure the processor gets a tax write off, our little freezer space isn't used up, and Rob can hunt and not worry about what to do with the deer. 

2) I started (and I mean that; the email came in at 12:02 on Sunday am) the week off by winning some bath time stuff for baby girl.  Then later in the week I won a copy of the Lorax on dvd (which will probably be used as a Christmas gift) & a coupon for a Farm Rich frozen food product. My favorite win was a $50 babies r us gift card. I also won a Veggie Tales dvd.  I've been trying to win a convertible car seat, but haven't had luck with it.  I have time though before she would even grow out of her seat so I'll just keep trying. 

3) I had my 39 week check up this week.  I am maybe at 2 cm diliated, which doesn't really mean much because things can change quickly.  I did find it nice to know that I did make some progress from my appointment at 35 weeks where I hadn't made any progress.

I also got the flu shot which made my arm hurt for a day or so, but it's nice to have that out of the way.

4)  We went to the casino last night to celebrate the birthday of Rob's friend.  Obviously a crowded smoky casino isn't appealing to a 9 month pregnant lady, plus the 45 minute car ride each way. We had dinner there, but after we finished we didn't stay long actually gambling
(an hour and a half) and since it is still my birthday month I used my players club card and got a free dessert so that was fun.  I only lost $5 so not to bad. 

5) This morning we met up with friends (who also happen to be someone Rob works with and my sister's in-law) at my parents and we got pumpkins and squash and gourds etc... We also had dinner with them on Thursday (A home cooked meal I didn't have to make.  Yes!).   My parents garden was a little overgrown so it was a workout walking through there.  And they brought over donuts and apple cider. :)

6) Then this afternoon we are going to art prize. I hope anyway, I've been trying to get Rob to take me for the last week and a half.  He doesn't really want to go, but didn't want me to go by myself.  If you don't know what it is, it's the biggest art competition in the world (The official website is here).  I don't know how you would ever see all there is to look at.  I want to check out some of the work, and maybe get this baby moving on out. 

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