Friday, September 13, 2013

Sargento Cheese Snacks #sponsored #choosesargentocheese

* I received a free product coupon from Influenster to facilitate this review*

Rob loves cheese.  I love it too, but he like really loves it.  Like when he makes chips and cheese he uses nearly a whole bag.

So when I was given the chance to review Sargento natural cheese snacks, I knew Rob and I would both enjoy it.

They sent me a free product coupon and the cutest little insulated pouch for a cheese stick.
It's kind of one of those products that you could do without, but I'd use it if I had it.  It's just super cute, although Rob thought it was kind of silly, but he's a boy and what do boys know? Haha.

I've tried other brands and other cheese stick flavors, that I enjoyed, but this was a new one so
I knew I wanted to try this one.  

The flavor combination was delicious and I am pretty sure that they won't last through the weekend because Rob can't eat just one at a time.

The only thing I would have preferred is if the price was a little cheaper, but they often go on sale, and really the price per unit is only around .40 so it's not that bad when looked at like that. 

I would buy these again.  They make an easy snack for the pregnant lady who doesn't feel like cooking anything some most of the time.

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