Monday, January 27, 2014

The Eleanor Update: Week 16

Sleep: Still no routine really.  She starts to get tired around 7 each night, but isn't ready to go down for the night then.  So she might nap until 7:30 and then be up until 9:30.   Some nights she still fights the going down part, but usually is good once she get's there.  

A few times last week she woke up crying on her own in the middle of the night.  That's something she rarely does.  She wakes up happy and smiling in the mornings, and in the middle of the night she stirs a little, but usually doesn't fully wake up.  I feed her when she starts to stir because it's woken me up or I'm already up and it's easier to feed her then.

Day time naps are still about 30 minutes and she usually takes 4-5 of those a day.  If she's in her car seat she will sleep longer.  She slept in her car seat almost 2 hours yesterday during church and while I ran into the grocery store and Rob stayed in the car with her.

Breastfeeding:  She's starting to have some latching issues again on the left side.  Partway through her nursing it starts to become painful and when she finishes my nipple is white and stays that way for a while.  

Misc: She started to laugh this weekend.  She's given us a few sporadic laughs here and there, but never like this.  Rob sent this video to pretty much every person in his phone.  It was cute.  I instagramed it, and posted in on the blog facebook page and my personal page too so I can't say much.  Proud parents right here!

She's still got a little cold.  It's been on and off for the last few weeks.  The few times I've checked she hasn't had a fever

I'm also paranoid about a flat head- I don't know If I mentioned that before.  Especially since with my new job she'll be in the car seat for a few hours a day plus her love of the kick n play toy and the fact that she sleeps in the rock n play and she's probably putting pressure of the back of her skull 20+ hours a day. 

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