Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cloth Diaper Stash

( I started this post before Eleanor was born, so I'm a little slow posting it. I have accumulated a few more things since I took the first set of pictures, thus the random add on's at the end)

I've been very fortunate to win most of what I have with the exception of a few diapers. The total I've actually spent is around $125 at this point.


Top Row- Giggle life bamboo (yellow), Giggle Life (green with animals), Knickernappies (brown), Baby Babu (green).
Bottom Row-Cutie Patoties by Lauren (green with white stars and white with animals), Glow  bug (houndstooth), Applecheeks (blue).
I think all are one size except the applecheeks which are a size 2.

All in ones

All Grovias.  Top row are one size, bottom row are newborn.  

I also have a bumgenius newborn size all in one.

All in two's

All soft bums echo. These have a toggle drawstring to adjust the size.  I think I'm going to love that feature.  They claim to fit from 5lbs up, and in my experience they did work when Eleanor was a newborn.

Blue diaper is Imagine,
Robots is Boogie Bear Creations.  
Hearts is Diaper Donks.
Both Boogie Bear and Diaper Donk's are Work-at- home- mom made and were custom made for me.  They were awesome to work with.  The imagine diaper I picked on a Thursday morning and had Saturday afternoon.  I was impressed with the speed.


Green is Tajo's Tushies. 
Pirate is a fleece soaker by La-Bum-Buh (custom handmade)
Diamonds is by Barrel and a heap (another super fast shipping time).

Chelory AI2 (the camo print; Rob's favorite!)
Grovia Bioliners
Kissa's Newborn Fitted
Grovia Kiwi pie fitted


Soft bums pods

Imagine inserts
2 wet bags

2 bags Rockin Green detergent (I was not impressed with the shipping from the company.  Both times I won it took months to get it. I have used it and it seems to work okay)

Diaper Sprayer (I didn't use this because Rob put in a utility sink)
Tajo Tushies wipes haven't used these yet)

The cow & the blue bug are prefolds

The white with the lady bugs is a pocket diaper.

The top row are all Buttons diapers AI2 (the purple one I was lucky enough to review; read the review here).  
Middle row is a glowbug pocket, a cutey baby cover & a Joko fleece soaker (Check out her etsy shop)
Bottom row is a bumgenius aio xs

I don't have pictures because they are being used but I also have cloth wipes & a wet bag from Joko and another wet bag that I won from another seller.

I am liking using the cloth diapers so far, but I only use them 1/3 of the time.  I use them for 2-3 days a week.  I've had a few leaks, but I think that might be more user error (I probably had it to loose on the legs).

To wash them I do a cold rinse, a hot wash (with the rockin green detergent), and depending on if I think it needs it another hot wash and then a final hot rinse.  I'm a cloth newbie so I could totally be doing it wrong through.

I'm also finding out that I don't like pockets, that I like pre-folds because they are so easy to use,  and I much more prefer hook and loop to snaps because they are just easy to use. 

I really want to buy all the diapers but I just don't have the finances so I'm using what I have, but I'm still seeing the savings already which is one of my favorite parts.  Plus I love how cute they are!

If you have any tips, advice or just want to share your favorite diapers or products leave me a comment.  I love learning new things.

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