Friday, July 18, 2014

The power of a song

This post isn't something I would normally write about, but I'm trying to get more personal so you can get to know me more.

What is is about a song that can bring up so many memories?   It can stir up so many feelings and emotions, both good and bad. 

I heard this song a few days before I found out I was pregnant with Eleanor.  

I had recently experienced two pregnancy losses just a few months before and in that moment, I knew that I would be a mom somehow.  I doubt that was the purpose of the song, but it helped me so much the next 9 months. Every time I would get that nervous panicky feeling of what if, I'd listen to this song and it would calm me.

Then over the weekend I had a urge to listen to this song again. 
 This was the song that was played during our wedding ceremony when we lit the unity candle.  I haven't heard it in years, yet as soon as I hear it I can picture that moment.   Standing on the altar knowing I picked a super long song for such as short moment, but loving the lyrics and praying that I could live by them. 

These are two of the songs that stand out the most to me.  What are some of the songs that stand out for you?

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