Monday, July 7, 2014

The Eleanor update: 39 weeks

One day this week we ate pasta with marina sauce and she loved it!  I was having leftovers the next day for lunch while feeding her a fruit puree but she had no interest in it once she saw what I had. I'm a huge pasta lover so I'm happy she loves it too!

We also tried grapes (cut in half and then quartered) but she didn't love them as much.

Same as always.  Not a daytime sleeper at all.  She has been able to put herself back to sleep a few times though so that makes me happy.


Shee had her 9 month checkup today.  19lbs 7 oz, 28" and still 90% head. :) No shots this time!

For more from the fourth of July check out this post.  She did okay with the exception of one time. I can't believe she slept through most of them.

We went to the zoo on Friday thanks to a free pas (and I actually went again with her today thanks to my sister in laws membership).  She loved seeing other people, and she liked the pelicans and the bears.

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