Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Wrap-up

Here is how our holiday weekend went.

Eleanor started the celebration by waking up at 1 am, nursing and going back to sleep.  And then she woke up again at 4 and would not go back to sleep.  I had to give the monitor to Rob who would up laying on her bedroom floor to try to comfort her and I did sleep for another hour but at 6 I was up again and walked into her room and knew why she was fussing.

She'd had a massive poop blow out.  Like this was out the diaper and through her pajamas.  I could smell it as soon as I walked into the room.  How Rob couldn't smell it I don't know. So I changed her, nursed her again and then she slept another hour.

We had to get up early - which was fine by her because she was up at 7:30 again - to meet my sister, brother in law, nephew, my brother in laws brother (also Rob's boss), his wife and their 2 kids at the zoo.  My mom had given me a free coupon so that was nice.  And we got their fairly early so it wasn't crowded.  We didn't see everything because the boss were lollygagging and we ran out of time before naps were needed. 

After getting home Eleanor took a looong nap.  Like I had to wake her up to go to my sister's in laws house so that my brother in law and Rob could put on their firework show.   But I got there, hung out, ate, and gave Eleanor a bath with my nephew and put her to sleep (after an hour of effort) in the pack in play in the basement bathroom with the sound machine and hoped she'd stay sleeping.   

It was a little stressful because the monitor only worked in a certain part of the yard (thankfully their front yard; where the fireworks were being lit off from). The started the show and she didn't wake up and I thought I'd be good.  And then I was wrong and she woke up crying really hard.  I wasn't about to let her cry because I knew she was in an unfamiliar place and when I was in that bathroom it was still loud with the sound machine and fan so I ran to get her and calm her.  

I was getting sad because I wanted to see their big finale show and feeling horrible because my baby was sad and annoyed that once again Rob got to have fun.  It was stressful for me. 

Somehow she fell back asleep, I laid her back in the pack n play and she stayed asleep so I went back out and was able to see the big show that lasted 6 minutes.  They spent days working on it (buying the fireworks, assembling the tubes/shells and fusing it together).  And I held that monitor to my ear and despite being louder than the last show she didn't wake up.

After it was done, I transferred her to the carseat, got her home, changed her diaper and put her in the crib and she stayed sleeping.

Then the next day we went to Rob's grandparents place where we hung out for the afternoon visiting some family in town.  It's actually the first year we haven't been there on the fourth since we've been together and it's where we got engaged (July 4 2010).

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