Monday, July 14, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 40 weeks

Already into the 40 weeks, and then it will be 50 weeks and then 52 and then I'll have a one year old.  She's almost been out longer then she's been in almost (she was born at 40 weeks 6 days)

We tried mac n cheese (the good old Kraft blue box stuff).  She loved it and cried when I took it away.

There were a few good naps this week actually.  One night she was up a lot, but other than that she's getting better.   She's been a morning catnapper but that's because I feed her and hold her, but I think that may be the problem.  If I can put her in her crib (and she might fuss for a minute) but then she'll sleep for a long time.  Or it could just be a fluke (it's happened twice).

This picture cracks me up.  She's running in her sleep.  It's not the first time either. 

I went to a baby wearing group last week.  I want to get a woven wrap, but am hesitant because they are expensive and there are so many choices.  I actually didn't get the chance to try one because there were a lot of people there, but I plan on going back.  I did learn how to back carry in the ergo and I like it other than the fact that it means Eleanor can easily pull my hair.

I went to the zoo again last Monday (I don't know if I'd mentioned that in last weeks post) with my sister in law and niece and nephew.

I also visited the Library one day and we went to the Children's Museum another day.  Busy week!

And she's decided pulling the dvds down is so much fun.  Look at how good she's gotten at standing.  In the picture  with the pink dress she was holding onto the ottoman lid but that was it.

We went to our friends house over the weekend.  Their youngest son is 2 days younger than Eleanor (I've mentioned them before) but it's always fun to get the babies together.

Eleanor and Liam (Eleanor is 2 days older)

This walk took place before 7 am yesterday.  She had been up for several
hours in the middle of the night and then was up at 6:30.  I was frustrated, but it
wasn't really her fault so I decided to get some fresh air to help my mood.

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