Thursday, May 8, 2014

Our 7 Month Favorites

Here is this months edition!

Bright Starts Teethe and Read Teether Book:  This isn't the exact book, but is very similar (same brand, same design, just different pictures...).  It's a soft book and crinkles and entertains her in the car for a long time.  It's how I know she's awake or sleeping.  If she's sleeping it's quiet. :)

Elmo & Friends (My First Look and Find)
This is one of the books we read the most.  It's a board book but it's over sized and I think that's why she really likes it.

Nuby Super Spout Easy Grip
This is the only sippy cup we've tried so far, and she sometimes has a hard time getting milk or water out (because she gnaws at the nipple) but it's easy for her to hold onto and she's starting to figure out to tip it back.

We just started giving these to her.  The face she first made was totally confusion and I kind of had to show her that she could eat them, but since then she really likes them.  I've only tried the banana flavor, but I did buy the vegetable flavor and are going to try those soon.  I only give her a half of one at a time and usually only once or twice a day, but they are great for keeping her entertained for a few minutes (although still with supervision) while we are out to eat.

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