Monday, May 26, 2014

The Eleanor update: 33 weeks

Feeding:  We tried a few new foods this week. I found that she did like raspberries.  They made a mess though but she liked them.  

We were out to eat at Logan's and she was fussy so she ate a roll, and then attempted a french fry and a brewski onion.   This morning I gave her a bite of my raisin toast and that was a hit.
Eating a roll at Logan's.

She's been getting wild when nursing so I'm sometimes worried she's not getting enough because I still never feel that letdown.  Or when she get's bored she get's super squirmy and twists all over. While latched on.  That's fun.  

Oh and I did find that she loved these (Happy Munchies Rice Cakes).  I've only tried the carrot but I did get some apple from Target.  I had a coupon otherwise they are kind of pricey for what you get it. 

Rough this week.  She's wanted to stay up late and it's a problem because she's tired.  When she finally falls asleep she's usually okay, one maybe two wakeups.  A couple nights she slept 7+ hours (usually 5-6).  I actually had to kind of wake her to nurse her because I was getting uncomfortable. 

Naps have been in the car pretty much all week. I hate that, because I want her to nap in her crib at least once a day.

She got a mild sunburn Saturday despite my reapplying sunscreen several times, and keeping her inside most of the peak sun hours.  I feel awful.

Then on Sunday after we got home and she woke up from a carseat nap I took her outside for just a minute to see Rob and then came back in. I was holding her the whole time.  When we came back in I nursed her and 25 minutes later when she was done, realized she had been bleeding from behind her ear.  It wasn't gushing blood but there was enough to concern me (and it was also on my arm).  So I brought her back out to Rob and he said that something similar had happened to the neighbor kid.  She got bit by something but I don't know what.  Any ideas?

First Ponytail

We had a few rough days where I couldn't leave the room without her having a mini meltdown.  Every single time. 

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