Saturday, February 15, 2014

4 month favorites

Now that Eleanor is getting bigger and more into toys I've been pulling some of them out.  As a result this month's favorites edition focuses on toys.

1) Fisher-Price Crawl Along Snail From the very first time we opened this she loved it.  It is great for tummy time because she can look in the mirror and if she hits at it it will light up and play music.
Even my 10 month old nephew was loving this toy when he was over recently. I actually am thinking about getting it for his first birthday.

2) Noggin Stik  I actually won this toy before she was born.  My nephew played with it a few months ago, but Eleanor is just been into it the last week or two.  I know it's expensive for what it is, but she really likes it and I'd say it's worth it.  She can hold onto it, and when she shakes it really hard it lights up and changes colors. Again this is another toy my nephew loved.

3) Infantino Go Bananas Rattle She actually just got this earlier this week from the kids I used to nanny for, but she has played with it a lot.  I don't know if it's the fact that it's easy to hold onto (she usually just holds one loop, but has done both), or that it makes noise, but it's cute.  I am kind of nervous she's going to hit herself with the shaking, because she has come close.

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