Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Favorite Things~ 2 month edition

1) Dropcam

I LOVE this thing.  I can watch/stalk her when she is in her crib.  The sound quality is fantastic.  She can be in her room with the door closed and I will sneeze in the living room which is down that hall and the camera will still pick it up.

The only thing I don't care for is the slight delay.  It's only a few seconds so it's not that big of a issue and would not be deal breaker at all.

2) Pandora lullaby station.  After she decided to become a night owl I knew that wasn't going to work with me so I needed to set up some sort of routine for bed.   I had a free white noise app, but I wasn't a fan because it played the lullaby one on a 30 or 60 second loop and hearing it over and over was annoying and the rain and ocean sounds made me have to use the bathroom.  So I went to pandora and found a lullaby station and it works.

3) We have this cloud b lady bug and it is part of her bedtime routine.  It helps to calm her down and distract her I think.  It projects onto the ceiling and she likes to look at the stars.

4) Skip hop play mat.

We used this a little in month one for tummy time, but now that she's a little older she can interact with the different parts a little better.

Ours was a hand me down so it didn't come with the little tummy time mat, and is missing one of the animals but it's still completely functional.  It has lots of little loops on the arms to put toys on.  We have a set of plastic links so sometimes I will hook some of the other toys she has up to it.

5) Car seat cover.
We have the one shown below.  This might not be a necessity for everyone, but living in Michigan we have some pretty cold winters so for us it is.  This was a baby shower gift and it's one of the most used ones.

6)  This is not really a thing, but a local breastfeeding support group has been a huge help this month.  If you are local to the west Michigan area you should check it out.  It's run by certified lactation consultants and is totally free.  It meets twice a week (at two different locations); I only go once, but knowing it's a resource has kept me going.   

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