Friday, January 10, 2014

3 month Favorites

Here are the 3 month favorites.  There weren't a ton of new things this month, but I think the next edition will be full of toys as she is getting more into them and she got a ton for Christmas!

1) Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym, Discover 'N Grow  'Santa' brought this for Eleanor.  The ladies on my birth month board raved about this thing.  I had amazon gift cards so I used them to get it for Eleanor.  She really likes it a lot.  We didn't realize until last weekend that the arch is movable and works out for tummy time as well.  She has figured out how to bat at the hanging toys though and it's super cute!

2) Bumbo Floor Seat I don't put her in this often (maybe 15 minutes a day) because her head control isn't strong enough where I would feel okay with longer periods, and I only ever use it on the floor (like it's supposed to be), but I keep it in the bathroom and it's nice to have a place to put her when she doesn't want to be left alone in the living room (and why would she want that anyway?)
We are borrowing it from a friend, and while I probably wouldn't have bought it she seems to not mind it most times.

3) You Are My Cupcake I LOVE this book.  I may have mentioned it before.  It's short, has bright pictures and a little texture to it.  I read it most days and Eleanor smiles almost every time I pull it out.

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