Tuesday, March 18, 2014

5 month Favorites

1) Bounce Bounce Baby Activity Zone  I actually won this last summer, but even if I had to buy it I think it's worth the price. The model we have actually is slightly different, instead of the monkey toy, ours plays music, but it isn't that different. It's a great toy for the price. It's smaller than a traditional similar toy, but still has a few activities and has places for extra toys to be lopped onto, which we do.

2)  Sophie Teether This is probably one of the most popular baby products and for good reason. It really is awesome. She loves it and has become a fan of squeaky toys lately so this is fantastic! And confession time, but I totally tried to chew on it. I don't get the appeal, but then again I'm a grown up and don't chew on toys. haha.

This picture is actually a few months old, but she really likes it stil.

3) What does the fox say? Not a toy, but this song makes her smile.  I pull it up on youtube and we have a little dance party.

4)Lamaze Inchworm She has a slightly different version, but the same concept, except hers doesn't play music. She loves the squeaker part. I can have it behind my back, but she will still smile it when she hears it.

5) Amber necklace  Recently I was able to review a necklace from Spark of Amber (see review here).  It's made a noticeable difference in the amount the drools and her general mood.  I'm thankful for it.  Rob was skeptical but I think he sees that it does help.

6) Chicco Polly High Chair  This high chair has a lot of great features.  It cleans easy (she had a blowout in the first 5 minutes of sitting in it), it adjusts height and recline, and has a great foot rest among others.  We love that we can roll it around the kitchen.

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