Monday, May 19, 2014

The Eleanor update: 32 weeks

Latch issues again this week.  I've tried different positions and it still hurts sometimes. I'm finding that I have to nurse more in other positions because the football hold doesn't work as well because she pushes against the back of the chair. She's getting to big for that.

We tried yogurt and she wasn't to much of a fan (although the picture below might show otherwise).  It's to thick I think for her. 

We also tried a peach banana rice blend which she ate, but was also thick.  I did give her some bell pepper slices and she loved those!

We've had a few rough nights where she has been waking up several times a night.  I can bring her into bed with me - and I do sometimes - but she is squirmy and kicks me so that's not really restful for me.

I let her sleep on me because she never does that anymore and I wanted all the cuddles!

Since the time I was pregnant I've been chatting with a group of other mom's with October 2013 babies and this weekend Eleanor and I went to the zoo in Lansing (about an hour and a half away) and met some of them.  She slept the entire way there, and while she didn't sleep all the way back she was happy.  It was so nice to finally meet in person and I'm so glad I went.  Rob was a little leery at first about it, but we met in a public place and it was completely fine.

Getting into the dvds!

And she figured this out....

Playtime with grandpa U.

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