Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our Favorite Things: 6 Month Style

These are some of the things that have gotten the most use around here this last month.

1) Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack

This thing has been a huge hit lately.  She loves the top two rings.  It's probably because they are the easiest to get to, but she will play with them and swing her arms around.

2 RaZ-berry Teether

We have a few different teethers (the other ones are the kind that go in the freezer) but she likes this one the best.  I wasn't sure when I bought it if she would, because it's similar in shape to a pacifier and she doesn't like those, but she likes to gnaw on it.  Not just the red part, but the leaves on the side.

3) Fisher-Price Stand-Up Ballcano
This was a Christmas gift that we recently pulled out and it catches her attention instantly.  There is a little thing you spin, which raises the center part and then the balls roll down the sides and she likes to watch that.  It plays music too.  Mostly she likes to stand against it and grab at the balls on the top.

4)  When Eleanor was younger she hated diaper changes.  After decorating the Christmas tree I had some leftover silver bulbs I hung over the changing table.  It helped her not freak out but then she kind of didn't care.  In the last few weeks she has really taken a liking to them again.  She likes mirrors and since they reflect it's kind of the same thing I guess.  She will look at herself and smile.

She's sleeping so I don't have a current pic, but here is one  from when I first put them up.  (and how tiny was my little girl).

5) City Mini Stroller:  Now that Eleanor is bigger and it's warmer out, we don't use the keyfit caddy (mentioned in the one month favorites) as much.  I do still use it for quick runs into a store but we use the city mini more.  She can see out out it so much better, and when she does fall asleep it reclines flat so it's comfortable for her.

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