Monday, March 17, 2014

The Eleanor Update: Week 23

She is still causing me some pain on my left side when she's nursing, and I am back to using an ointment on the nipple after nursing to help.

Rob tried a few times this to give her a bottle this week and she won't take a bottle.  Luckily it only had an ounce or so at a time so I didn't waste lots of milk (I suspected she wouldn't take it).  It's really my fault because I stopped having her take bottles because of my clogged duct issues.

Sleeping was much better this week, during the week anyway.  The weekend was pretty rough.  Both Saturday and Sunday she was up by 6 am, and on Sunday she honestly didn't sleep until almost 4 pm (with the exception of maybe 15 minutes while nursing).  At 4 pm I bundled her up really well in the carseat, snapped it into the stroller and we took a 20 minute walk (she was out in less than 5).  It was only 9 degrees and I was cold, but I knew the fresh air and the walk would put her to sleep and she wound up sleeping for about 30 minutes.

I was in tears when Rob came home Sunday afternoon from exhaustion (he had been gone the night before) and had actually fallen asleep earlier that morning in bed with Eleanor while I was nursing her in the side lie position.  I've never done that before (funny thing is I was dreaming I was nursing her).  I did kind of nod off once in the glider when she was first born, but woke up as soon as my head bobbled. I'm sure I didn't sleep long, more than 10 minutes based on the time, but I still don't want that to be a habit.

 I have been putting her on her belly just for naps.  It's something I'm not totally comfortable with, but if she is sleeping, then I'll let it go.  Whatever works! I do check on her every few minutes and use the monitor, as well as the Snuza .

I really wish I could use that thing until she goes to college.  I'd feel so much better.  Haha.


I'm down to my lowest weight yet!  I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 116 lbs!

We took a walk in the big stroller (city mini) last week since it was warmer out and she loved it. On colder days I use the keyfit caddy since I can bundle her up better in the car seat.

She loves to be able to look around though.  We were in a store over the weekend and I took off the cover for the car seat and she just stared (pictures of both below).

Still no teeth, but I keep checking.

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  1. Have you tried using breast milk on your nipple instead of the cream?