Thursday, March 21, 2013

Finding out I'm pregnant

This is the post that for some reason I never wrote.  I meant to and never got around to it or forgot for some reason. 
Here is the post I wrote when I first found out & the details are below.

As you probably know it wasn't the easiest journey to this point.  I should say that getting pregnant wasn't that difficult.  It was the staying pregnant part that was.  This pregnancy happened on cycle 6.  I also got pregnant on cycles 2 &3.  So 50% of time time I was able to conceive.

I know the odds are 20% each cycle, but we had better odds I think due to the fact that I was charting and using opk's.  
Finding Out:
I tested that morning at 11dpo with a wondfo and thought I saw a line, but I thought I'd been seeing lines the last few days so I didn't really think it was positive.  I checked again fifteen minutes later (I know it was after the time limit) and it was faint, but clearly there.   So I walked out into the kitchen and told Rob:  'I think I got a positive pregnancy test.'  I held my pee and tested again with a frer an hour later and the second line was there. 

Our timing was pretty good. We hit o-3,o-2,o-1, and o.  

What we did:
I temped, used opks, took pnvs, we had sex a lot, and I drank pom juice and lots of water.   I actually used bona dea as well (I didn't buy this; I won this).  I took it from a week or so into my cycle until I confirmed O. 

I had cramps and backaches pretty much the whole 2ww.   I also had pregnancy related dreams three times the week I got the positive. 

Read about my first beta draw results here and the second in this post.


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