Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eleven weeks!

How far along:  11 weeks

Baby Size:  a golf ball

Weight:  The scale I'd been using died the other day.  Luckily I had another one I had won. 122.8, no change.

Still really nauseous and sleeping crappy (although I think some of those things relate to my job situation changing this week). 

Maternity Clothes:  Not yet

Sleep:  Crummy.

Cravings/Food Aversions:  Fruit is usually good, clementines, grapes, apples.  Generally meat sounds gross, but I only eat chicken and beef (burger) so it's not a big deal.  I'm terrible at drinking milk.  I don't drink it most days. I just forget.  I've never been a big fan of just drinking it. It has to be with cereal or cookies or something like that.

Belly Button:  In

Gender:  I did have a dream last weekend that it was a girl. It was my first dream about the sex of the baby.  I still don't really feel strongly either way.  

I've been leaning towards finding out since reading this post about being team green over on one of my favorite blogs (Jenni from the blog).  I knew I'd probably give in and find out because it was really important to Rob that we did know.   I've read a lot of posts about how great it is to not find out and this was a different perspective that I liked.

Name:  Not sure

Milestones:  Getting close to making it out of the first trimester.  Depending on what you go by it ends at either 12 weeks, 13 weeks, 13 weeks 3 days. 

11 weeks!

Looking forward to:  Hearing the heartbeat again.  No more progesterone!

What I miss:  Eating what I want.  I missed wine after a really really rough past week.

Appointments:  Next week.  My 12 week appt.  

Misc.  I still really wish I could have the NT scan done.  I want to see the baby again, but especially after last week and the crazy amount of stress I had I want to know things are okay.  I called my doctors office yesterday, and they were going to have the doctor order it.  The place it would be done at would call so I could schedule it and they would give me the billing codes I needed.  Then I need to call my pcp and tell him he had to authorize it (and they are part of a different network).  Then call insurance back with the codes. Oh vey!
The office where it would be done at never called me back yesterday though. 
UPDATE:  I just got an email on my health care network page (where I can see results, appts etc...) saying I have an appointment scheduled next Wednesday   Normally that wouldn't work for me, but at the moment I have that day free.  But I don't have a location for it or a phone number.  So I'm still going to have to call my ob to get the info so I can get the codes.