Tuesday, January 22, 2013

4 weeks (and beta#1 results)

How far along:  4 weeks

Weight:  122

Symptoms: Dry mouth, cramping (it was pretty bad over the weekend), nausea, pooping a lot (sorry, I know it's gross)

Maternity Clothes: No

Sleep: I do seem to be more tired.

Cravings:  nothing.

Belly Button: In

Gender: Unknown, and we are still deciding if we are team find out or team green.

Name: Unsure.  We have a few we have liked for a while.

Milestones: If I can make it to Friday it will be the most pregnant I've ever been.

Looking forward to: Everything!

What I miss: Not having to stress about every cramp and twinge, and seeing blood every time I go to the bathroom.

Appointments:  Yesterday was beta #1 (hcg@32 and progesterone@13.7).  My progesterone is low (they want it to be 19 at least), so I'm going from 100mg once a day to 400mg (100 twice a day) every day.  Tomorrow I go back for beta #2 (to check hcg levels, they need to double) and then 48 hours after the progesterone increase I go back to check that.  So that will probably be Thursday afternoon.

Lines are getting darker so that makes me a little hopeful.

Top to Bottom, 11dpo, 12dpo and 14dpo.


  1. SO excited and keeping everything crossed for you dear!!