Tuesday, March 5, 2013

31 day blog challenge-Day 5

Favorite Movies you never get sick of watching.

1) My all time favorite movie is Love Actually. I just love how the stories intertwine and the lengths people go to show their love for another.  I always feel happy at the end.
2) I watched Clueless and  Drop Dead Gorgeous so many times as a teenager.  I actually watched Clueless within the last few months, but haven't seen the other in years.  I'm pretty sure I have the DVD however.

I clearly have a thing for romance and comedies. Ocassionaly I like action movies.  I hate horror movies, and generally suspense.


  1. I with you on the romance and comedies. I can't watch scary movies, I don't sleep afterward. Good Choices.

  2. Ahhhh! Another Drop Dead Gorgeous fan! Both DDG and Love Actually made my list as well!

  3. I've never actually seen Love ACtually but it keeps appearing on peoples lists.