Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Update.

I haven't done a Friday update in a while.  Other than growing a baby, not much is new with me, and I don't want to make every post about pregnancy related stuff.

1) I made some awesome potatoes this week.  I had some that I needed to use up (they were growing sprouts on them; or whatever those things are called), so I washed and cut off the bad spots.  Then I mixed them up with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder and rosemary and roaster them.  They were pretty darn good.  The downside was that the smell lingered and it wasn't a smell that was enjoyable the next morning. 

2) This weather has been ridiculous. I think the schools around here have had at least one snow day a week since January.  Considering last winter was so warm (we had 70 degree days in March) it's crazy to think how much more snow we've had this year.  

3) Although he's not aware of this blog, and probably wouldn't know what one was, today is my big brother's birthday.  Happy 29th Birthday Eric!

4) Tomorrow is also my nephew's 3rd birthday.  Time goes by so fast.

5) I made these puzzle blocks for my sister for one of  her baby showers.  They clearly are not perfect.  I bought wooden blocks at Michael's, and modge-podged scrapbook paper onto them.  I had one blank side left so I did a few misc. pictures that I had from my wedding and I painted one side and put a letter G on it (my nephew's name starts with a G).  I had initially gotten the idea from pinterest, but they used fabric, however I have lots of scrapbook paper so I went that route.

6) Occasionally I win prizes from blogs.
I just got a knock on my door as I'm writing this post.  It was a prize that needed a signature.  Should be something great right?  It's a Nick Jr. kid's dvd. And last fall I won a different kid's dvd that needed to be signed for, and of course I wasn't home at the time, so I had to go to a fed-ex place and pick it up.  These are dvd's that retail for $15 tops.  I've had packages worth much more sitting out on my doorstep all day long, but these are what needs to be signed for? I don't get it.

7) Also, laying in bed this morning  I hear mice in the wall between our room and the bathroom.  I heard it last year at some point and Rob tried to tell me then they were birds, but my parent's house had mice (downside of a house that is 110 years old) and I know what it sounds like.  Ugh!

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