Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 17- Why & when I started blogging.

I started blogging last summer (2012).  We were beginning the process of trying to get pregnant with our first and since we weren't telling anyone in real life, I needed an outlet so I didn't drive Rob crazy with all the talk.

Reading other bloggers experiences had always helped me and I hoped that somehow my writing would help someone else.

Despite the anonymity that can happen, it's still nice to know that someone somewhere 'gets it.'

I think the hardest part initially was coming up with a name.  I lack creativity with things like that. I wish I could have come up with something more clever or witty, but it works. 

Now I feel like coming up with topics is difficult.  I write a weekly pregnancy update and this blog challenge is helpful, but other than that it's a struggle sometimes. 

As a whole however, I am happy with where my blog is at right now.  


  1. I've been enjoying reading your posts, so I'm glad you started blogging!

  2. Glad you started blogging! Like you, coming up with a name isn't something that's easy for me either. I'm wishing I'd have been more creative. Also, totally agree that it feels great knowing that someone out there "gets it!" :-)

  3. I am glad that I found you too! I remember those days so well, starting a new family, etc. I am the worst at coming up with names. Hence two of our cats being named Little Kitten and Kitty..and a dog named Puppy. hahahah.