Thursday, February 21, 2013

A growing baby, check

I had a second ultrasound today.  Pretty sure my doctor didn't remember I was in two weeks ago, because he said something about checking for twins.  Um, yeah there weren't twins two weeks ago, and probably aren't twins today.  And there weren't.

But baby was measuring exactly where it should be based on ovulation.  Which is why I think charting is amazing, and would always recommend it.  I was able to see the brain and the spinal cord.

Today was kind of a crazy appointment day,  I had an appointment with my primary doctor because I needed a physical for insurance.  I had the lab work done for that last week.  I told them when I scheduled it that I didn't need a pap smear because I had one done it December at my Ob/gyn office.  I walked into the room and the stuff was there for it.  I just explained the situation and why I didn't need one.  My lab work was all good.  Good blood sugar, cholesterol etc.. Actually my doctor was surprised cholesterol wasn't higher, because he said it can go up in pregnancy.   I was supposed to have a nicotine check as well, but didn't have time to do it at the lab in the building because I had to get to my ob/gyn.

So I made it on time to the ob appointment.  Did the pee on a stick to check protein thing, and then waited naked (well a thin sheet and a gaping half robe) in a room for 20 minutes.  Then I needed blood work & a urine test thing done and decided to get it done and out of the way by going to the lab in the same building. While the tech was getting thing ready I mentioned that I was going to be peeing in/on so many things today.  She said oh well we can probably do the nicotine test right here.  I went "really? it's through another health care network though."  She asked if I had the lab form and I ran out to my car to get and brought it in.  She looked at it, checked and said yeah I can do that.  Thank you, Thank you.  Saved me another trip and another bottle of water to get and drink.
6 weeks 2 days vs 8 weeks 2 days.  

So finally hours later, I stopped at Target.  I checked out Valentine's clearance and scored.  I got all the stuff in the picture, plus a 20 oz pop for $10.84.  The dress was .80, and the skirts (I bought 3 identical in different sizes) were .70 each.  If we don't have a girl I'll sell them or give them to someone who does have a girl.  The frame was marked at .59, but it has a lot of scratches so I asked if they would mark it down a little more.  They took of 15%, which equals .9, but I would have bought it regardless and intend to spray paint it.  The candy hearts were .10.

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  1. Hey! I've come via the Pregnancy link-up at My Joy-Filled Life.

    Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you! And I sooooo understand your feelings of excitement and fear. I had two miscarriages, a blighted ovum we didn't know about until the 12 week scan and an early miscarriage at 4 weeks. I didn't think I could have babies, then we were surprised last June to find out we were five weeks pregnant...I'm now 38 weeks! It is possible :)

    All along I had to keep working through my fears, though they got less and less, especially when you start to feel the baby move. It's so good you get to have regular scans, a massive blessing!

    I don't know you, but I'm right behind you!