Friday, February 1, 2013

February Friday Five

1) I made Million dollar spaghetti this week.  I found it on pinterest and it was a hit. It's layered like lasagna but we liked it better. (Recipe)
2) The weather has been ridiculous lately.  At the start of last week it was -15 windchill and the start of this week brought thunderstorms and 50* temperatures.  Last night we had almost half a foot of snow.  Crazy.
3) The 3 year old I watch can be a stinker but she says some of the cutest things.  This week she wanted to nap with a Elmo and Cookie Monster toy.  After her nap I asked if they slept well too and she said no they don't sleep because their eyes don't close and they just snuggled.  She had the logic down and I was impressed.
4) I bought an ergo carrier this week.  I've been wanting one for a long time and they were on gilt for $65 and they are normally $135 so I bought it.  I had it in my baby budget and it wound up being $71 after shipping.  I'm excited about it.  I hesitated just because I haven't even been to the doctor, but I know it's something that could be used at work, and I think they have a pretty good resale value on them.
5) I helped out at church on Wednesday.  I usually do it, but took this year off.  It is so chaotic, and I feel like all I do is crowd control.  The girl I was helping with is a high school and is the helper and that group.  All she did was talk to her boyfriend.  I don't know these kids or the routine.  I could use a little help here.  And then during gym time a little girl got hurt.  She passed out and things got crazy.  Turns out she had a reaction to severe pain, but kids were getting scared and I'm trying to take control of 25+ kindergarten to 2nd graders by myself since the other leaders in that age group where helping the little girl. So it's just me and this high school and she is just sitting there.  And then she just left before all the kids were picked up/gone.  Ugh!
6) I made it 3 weeks worth of tracking money and kind of quit.  I know that I spend more than I need to on groceries and rarely spend money on myself.

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