Tuesday, February 12, 2013

7 weeks

How far along:  7 weeks

Baby Size: A blueberry.

Weight:  122.6


  • The nausea is starting to kick in.   It's worse in the evenings and it get's bad in the middle of the night.
  • My boobs haven't grown, but they are sore. 
  • That whole pregnancy brain thing I thought was fake, has been happening.  Yesterday I washed my hair twice because I couldn't remember if I did it, and I had to turn around an go home to see if I shut the garage door (luckily I had only gone a few minutes down the road)
  • I've been really sensitive.  Rob tired to play a trick on me by putting a rubber band around the sprayer on the sink.  I cried.  
  • Still having lots of cramping

Maternity Clothes:  I bought a pair of maternity jeans this weekend, but don't need them yet.  I'm still in my regular clothes.

Sleep:  Some nights I am up a ridiculous amount of times to pee, and some nights only once or twice.  I've always been a right side sleeper, but that is not good to do during pregnancy (I think it puts pressure on the kidneys or something?), so I'm trying to convert to my left side and it's been a little tough at nights.

Cravings/Food Aversions:  Nothing yet.

Belly Button: In, and according to Rob I have a really deep belly button so it might take awhile to pop out if it does

Gender:  I don't have any guesses yet.  My sister and brother in law think its a girl.

Name:  Not sure.

Milestones:  Getting to hear the heartbeat last week and see our itty bitty baby (who was the size of a grain of rice). 

Looking forward to:  Hearing the heartbeat again.

What I miss:  Not feeling the need to be checking the toilet paper every time I go to the bathroom.

Appointments:  Thursday @1. It's just with the nurse practitioner.

My due date by my last period would be 9/28 and by ovulation would be 10/1.  I've been going by the 10/1 since I think that is more accurate. At my appointment last week I was measuring a day ahead, but I'm still going to keep the 10/1 as my due date for now. 

Rob has apparently been telling random people I'm pregnant.  I'm happy he is excited, but I've only told my sister (and I'm pretty sure she already knew).  I'm scared to tell people because once it's out there I can't take it back. 

I bought this book this weekend.  I'm excited to fill it out.

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