Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Five 10/12

1) We have a new niece!  Elisabeth Kara (Libby) was born on 10-9.  My best friend was also born this day (although 28 years earlier, lol) so that is kind of fun.

I was trying to format these pics a little bit better but here are a few.  I can't wait to have my own baby someday.  :)

2) Rob cleared room in the garage for me to park.  We didn't use the garage at all last winter, which I guess we were lucky it was so mild.  I didn't expect to park in it this winter either, but he came home one day and cleaned it out.  I didn't ask him to or expect him to, but I really am happy he did.  Major win husband points for him. Love it!

3) I've been doing better about trying to cook (expect for tonight because we need to eat leftovers up).  I made fajitas yesterday (and that took a long time to cut up everything).  I used greek yogurt instead of sour cream and I liked it, but Rob didn't at all.  He didn't even put it on his fajita, just tried a bite of mine.

4) I had a short work week this week.  I worked Monday & Wednesday.  Although I am working tomorrow actually; not thrilled about that, but I need the money.  So since I was off today I went to Lisa's and helped her with Trav & Libby.  Love those kiddo's. :)

5) I haven't won anything in contests in almost 2 weeks.  But I haven't had as much time with the new job to do them, so that may be why.  

6) I bought Halloween candy this week (for the trick or treaters) and that may not have been my smartest choice, because not only did I buy it early, but I bought the kind I like to it.  It's tempting me.  

7) I haven't mentioned anything ttc related to Rob in the last week.  It's been tough because I want to talk about it, but I'm sure he was sick of me saying something about it everyday, and he hasn't mentioned anything so either he hasn't noticed or doesn't care.  I did ovulate this cycle so I'll know next week if I am pregnant.  Fingers crossed. 

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