Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Five 10/5/12

1) I got out some Halloween decorations this week.  I forgot I had bought a costume on clearance last year so I was excited to find that.  I also found other decorations I had forgotten about so it felt like Christmas pulling those things out.
2) Rob's sister is due today with baby number 2, but so far nothing.  Trav was a day late and looks like this baby isn't ready to come out either.  If he/she isn't here by Tuesday, she will be induced.
3) I bought a Roku box last week so that my tv which has been sitting in the corner of the spare room since we got married could be used,  Then Rob learned that it had hunting channels and the game Angry Birds on it, and he wanted to watch/play those on the 42' tv as opposed to the 19' inch, so once again the tv is sitting unused ::facepalm:::
4) I got my flu shot yesterday.  I went to Target because I had a coupon for a free $10 gift card if I got my shot there.  Last year I got it at Meijer's and neither insurance (I had an overlap from my policy and being added to Rob's) covered it, so I wasn't even going to run the card, but when the pharmacist asked I said to try it, and it worked.  So my flu shot was covered and I got a $10 gift card.  It probably cost a gallon of gas to get there (which is about $4.00 here), but still worth it to me.
5) Netflix really needs to update some shows and add new seasons.  I've been watching for new seasons of Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Psych for a long time and nothing yet.

I also got a positive opk again this morning (36hrs after the first) and then this evening it was white in the test area.  Since I've started testing at day 11 I've had at least a faint line in the test area, but I'm hoping this means I did ovulate.  And this at least helped our timing by letting us hit an extra day or two.  I'll keep temping and if it's not confirmed by early next week, then I may start using opk's again.  I probably used 30 this cycle (double normal).  Thank you amazon for wondfo's.  So I guess we shall see if I get bfp#2(if o is confirmed) in a few weeks.  Doubtful but I can dream.

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