Monday, October 29, 2012

Emergency Kit

I'm in Michigan so Hurricane Sandy & the whole Frankenstorm things won't really be a problem here,  but I'm thinking of all my friends on the East coast because they are about to get hit with a ton of crap.

I have to say I'm really glad that I have an emergency kit that has enough food and water for several days.  I also have clothes (the old stuff we wouldn't normally wear) including hats & gloves.  I have basic first aid supplies, blankets, towels, a flashlight.   I have to get a solar powered flashlight/radio.  I haven't been able to find them in the stores at this time of year.  If they don't have them in the next month or so I will just buy one online, although I might just do it anyway.  I also need a way to cook food.  I have canned food (I do have a can opened in there).  Rob suggested we buy some mini propane tanks and a mini grill since ours is nasty.  I also want to through in some hand warmer packets that Rob uses for hunting.

I had bought a big tote to put it all in, but that won't fit in my car, so I have a few small 18 gallon totes, and a few small boxes. 

I even have an emergency book, and this weekend I made a second one to keep somewhere else.  It has important phone numbers (all our family), contact numbers for our life insurance, home insurance and car insurance.  Not health though.  I'll just copy the card.  It has a fairly detailed assement of what is in our house and replacement value.  Rob says that I am an insurance person's nightmare because I know exactly what there is.  ha.  I do plan on taking some more pictures as well.
The book has a copy of our marriage liscense and my birth certificate.  I don't know where Rob's is.

Seriously I'm glad I have this stuff.  I just want to make a mini kit for the car.  I don't know what else I am missing.  What else should I have in the book or kit?

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